Badgirl and the badboy

Meet Lux a bad girl with her raven black hair, leather jacket. She's always late to class, i mean if she even goes to class. She gets detention a lot. But she doesn't care why would she. But she has a secret only her family and old friends know about.

Meet Jason the schools bad boy. He gets every girl he wants. And does a lot of bad things. There are rumors going that he has been to jail, but no one knows if it's true. But there is something that nobody knows about him.

What happens when the bad boy and the bad girl meets? Will they fall in love? End up hating each other? Or maybe just be friends?


3. hey princess the mall is that way

Taking my skateboard I yelled "bye" to my mom and went out the door.


Another day at school yay! Note the sarcasm. I put my skateboard on the ground and skated towards school. While listening to music with my black and red beats. love them. I got to school and picked up my skateboard.


"Lux!" somebody yelled when I was at my locker. I turned around and saw Sophie and Samantha.


"Hey guys, where is Ashley?" I asked them, while putting my books into my locker. "She's sick" Sam said.

"Oh we'll I'm gonna skip first period. Anybody coming?" I asked picking up my skateboard. "Are you skipping?! it's your second day!" Sophie said. "Yea I'm skipping comin'?" I asked again. "No defiantly not" Sophie said. "You?" I asked looking at Sam. "Nope I'm fine see ya'" She said and they walked off. Oh well they don't know what they're missing.


The first bell rang and people started walking to they're class.


I started walking towards the door, with my skateboard in hand and phone in the other. With my beats around my neck. I reached the door and went to open it but somebody yelled

''Where do you think you are going?'' all the other students had now all vanished. I turned around thinking it was a teacher. But nope it was of course Jason. ''I'm skipping what are you doing?'' I asked. ''Well I was doing the same so might as well skip together'' Jason said getting closer to where I was. I really did not want to skip with him. He's so annoying. ''I am not skipping with you. See ya''' I said and walked out the door.


I ran out of the school before anyone could see me. I went on my skateboard and rode around. When I got around the corner I saw something that looked like a skate park, it probably was. I picked up my skateboard and walked over there. Yep it was a skate park. There were a couple of boys there but that was it since most people are probably in school.


I walked through the gate and into the skate park. The guys all looked up. ''Hey princess the mall is that way'' the one guy called and pointed over to the right. Seriously, they seriously think that I'm looking for the mall. Stupid.


''Oh yea, and the nail studio is that way'' i said and pointed to the left. I might as well have a little fun with this.

''I don't need to go to a nail studio'' he said. I started walking closer to them. there were three boys. They all had brown hair and the two of them had brown eyes but the third which is the guy I'm talking to has blue eyes.


''And I don't need to go to the mall, mall's are stupid who wants to spend hours walking around trying on clothes and what not. If you say one more thing about a mall or call me princess again I swear to god I will kill you''i said. To be honest he looked a little scared. But seriously nobody call's me princess or tell me to go to a mall.


The boy was about to say something but somebody behind me started clapping and said ''beautiful princess way to go scare the little boys'' he said with a chuckle. ''what the hell are you doing here Jason'' I asked him

''I followed you, oh and if you're going to second period we should head back now'' I should probably go back cause Sophie and Samantha would want me there. ''yea yea I'm coming'' I told him.




It is now the end of school and I can finally go home, well I'm not going home I think I will stop at the dance studio. My mom and I found when we just moved here. The owner is really sweet and said I could come whenever I want to. I love to dance I dance Hip hop, classic, ballet and lots of others.


I said bye to the girls and skated towards the studio.

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