My life at hogwarts

this is about a girl named stephanie and her 5th year at hogwarts with the marauders.


4. ch 5


                                          YAY!!!! I got into an amazing house. oh no it isnt my mum and dads house they hate gryffindor but who cares i am with all my friends i also met a guy met peter he is fat short round and probs scared of his own reflection i am getting an odd aura off him. Any ways when it was finally over dumbledore gave a speech with 2 rules  

"warning to our new firstyears nobody who loves life is not allowed into the forbidden forest and never tickle a sleeping dragon" 

  " i know the first thing we are going to do " i whispered 

  " the forbidden forests" they all whispered except lils

"Are you crazy he just told us if We Valued Our LIVES!!!!" She whispered

"Fine next year"

"You are sooooo dead"

before we could say anything else mountains of food came up and I smelled 6 cheese ziti my favorite I got 5 servings of it

I was stuffed after but I did not touch my juice (allergic so Sirius happily took it)

"Your heads of your house will lead you to your common room time for bed pip pip" and so we left

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