My life at hogwarts

this is about a girl named stephanie and her 5th year at hogwarts with the marauders.


3. ch 4

We entered an amazing castle we were in a long line with the ceiling charmed so we can see the stars now that is what I call star gazing. Out of nowhere a hat appeared on a stool it was old and had so many patches on it it opened its brimmed mouth and started to SING ?

I am the sorting hat the sorting hat

For I am a thinking cap

You could be in Hufflepuff were they are true and loyal

Or Slytherin were they are cunning and sneaky and put you to boil

It finished its song singing about Ravenclaw and Gryffindor there were laughs and applause I did both Sirius then said " your laugh =someone died"

Being me I stayed calm and said " sometimes there are times to be talk and others shut up" noticing a teacher with an emerald green cloak and a tight hairdo "like now!" I whispered into his ear

"I am professor Mcgonagall ,deputy headmistress and head of Gryffindor house once I call your name you are to come up to the stage and the hat will do the rest"

Sirius pov

I was in my itsy bitsy world until they called my name so far my whole family is in Slytherin as I went to the stage Mcgonagall placed the hat on me then I heard a tiny voice in my teeny tiny brain"have a lot of Slytherin in you but you have much bravery the other 2 not so much" I was offended " maybe Slytherin. Oh!wait what is this well it must "an nananaannaaa" Gryffindor !!!! The hat bellowed and there stood all of my Gryffindorian friends Remus Peter James and Stephanie oh and lily


Sorry for a sucky chapter also 2likes equals a medium chapter one fave equals bigger

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