My life at hogwarts

this is about a girl named stephanie and her 5th year at hogwarts with the marauders.


2. ch 2 and ch 3

I won't lie I was still in shock, but either my parents are bonkers or they were correct we stopped the car once we came to a corner my parents tapped some bricks with a stick that must have been a wand nothing happened at first a second later my eyes widened the wall was opening and there was a street that must have been diagon alley I have seen some pretty odd things in my life life but nothing could top this we have gotten everything but a wand. We entered ollivanders a very strange man looked at me and handed me a wand "11 3/4 inches dragon heart string oak" he said I gave it a flick and a vase broke "I am soo sorry "I said attempting to clean it but he said a spell called reparo and it was as good as new after that I swear i tried every wand there was until he pulled out the last wand I was scared he said "13 1/4 inches Phoenix feather beech" I gave it a flick and sparks came we paid for the wand 3 minutes after he told me something thoughts were swirling in my mind :oldest wand, witch, history, food I am starving . Also my parents said I could get an owl there were so many I picked a snowy owl with Gold tips and piercing blue eyes and I decided to name her ruby.

September 1st

As usual we were late with all of my things packed we scurried to our car and headed to kings cross station I had 5 minutes once we got there I wasn't looking where I was going and bumped in front of the pilar between platforms 9 and 10 , but instead of crashing I stood in front of a gleaming scarlet steam engine I looked up the number said platform 9 3/4.

Mum came and said " Well that was the most interesting entrance I have ever encountered"

"We'll see you in the summer" dad spoke before they both embraced me in a right hug

"I should be going now good bye"


As I entered the train aka Hogwarts express I joined a train car with 3 other boy in there

"Mind if i sit" I asked

"Not at all"said a boy with blondish hair and pale eyes that looked like he was getting over a cold

"Stephanie" I held out my hand

"Remus Lupin " he said as he shook it

I took out my other hand for the others to shake

"Sirius Black" said a boy with shaggy black hair he took it and got an electrical shock from my joy buzzer his hair was sticking up in all the other directions I took out my wand and said a spell I got from my book"Aguamenti" I also dried it by throwing a towel I put a charm on.

And shook the other boys hand as well "James Potter" he said

Another person walked in lily Evans she asked if she could sit we said alright a kid with greasy black hair also had a comment "be careful with their group lils "

"What do you mean "their group" I said with a warning tone

" calm down" said lily

I sat back down he left" I swear he said filthy half-breed"

"Have I seen you somewhere before" lily asked

"In your dreams" James replied

Lily commented back " No in your dreams" she said smugly

I rolled my eyes "lily I live next door to you I'm in the same class as you and I was your BFF !"

"Stephanie but you usually have a French accent and wear a pound of makeup"

The boys stared at me like I just commited a murder "I changed"

"Does anyone know what house the will be in I will surely be in Gryffindor " James said

"My mum and dad were Hufflepuffs and thought very nasty of Gryffindor "

"Ravenclaw " lily answered with proudness in her voice

"Anything but Slytherin " Remus said

"Slytherin"Sirius said with tooooooo much dullness in his voice

"Why" we said all together


"Still but why" James asked I punched him

"I said jinx fine lily x3 Remus x3 and James x3. Sirius continue "

"My whole family is in Slytherin "

" we'll figure out soon we are here" Remus said

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