Endless Trail [Niall Horan]

Andrea is a Girl that was friends with Niall Horan until He went on the X Factor and made it .Andrea was happy for him but little did she know they werent GoinG to talk after.....Until one day her best friend Olivia Gets tickets to Go to London.What will happen ?you have to read to find out this is my first fan fic i Get it if sucks comment ur opinion plz:)


2. chapter 2:arriving to London

*Airplane to london*

Were almost in London and Olvias passed out.i play a few games on my phone and start to get sleepy

*In London*

“ Andrea wake up“ I heard Olivia say

“ I dont want to“ i said

“ were in London“

i shot up and Olivia started to laugh. We boarded off the plane and took a taxi to a hotel.We were walking to the front desk when somebody bumped into me...

“Im so sorry“ somebody said

“no its fine im sorry bout that“ i said

i looked up and saw a boy with beautiful brown eyes

*Liams POV*

i was walking when i bumped into some girl

“Im so sorry“ i saidd

“no its fine im sorry bout that“ she said

“im Liam“ i said politley

“Andrea“ she said while smiling

we apoligized and i found out that her and her friend were only here for a little bit .

we exchanged numbers

“reach me if you need any help“ i said

“okay bye Liam“

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