Endless Trail [Niall Horan]

Andrea is a Girl that was friends with Niall Horan until He went on the X Factor and made it .Andrea was happy for him but little did she know they werent GoinG to talk after.....Until one day her best friend Olivia Gets tickets to Go to London.What will happen ?you have to read to find out this is my first fan fic i Get it if sucks comment ur opinion plz:)


1. chapter 1:the leaving + a year later

He Makes it, his name is called and his world is lit up for once he knows his name is will be known. His excitement flows through his body allowing him to jump throwing his arms up, mouth Silently saying "Oh My God" He rushes backstage running to Me Giving me the tightest hug picking me up off the ground while holding me .I wrap my arms around his neck crying tears of joy but in a split second recognizing what is going to happen to my world 'hes leaving me is what went through my head then suddenly my tears of joy turned into years of sorrow .I whisper in his ear" I'm happy for you"

After that day I never saw or heard from him again .Its been about a year since I've seen him.

I got a text from my bff Olivia

Got a surprise for you


K I'll be there in 10

~rea [pronounced ray-a]

Olivia is my bff.I met her after niall left .we have been really close .

"I'm going Liv's house mum"

I walked to her house

I knocked on her door

"Hey come in Andrea " I heard her mom say

I went inside and went up stairs to liv's room

"Okay what's the suprise Liv"

"Well I got two tickets to..."

"To where?!"

"To London!!" Liv screamed

"Omg are you serious were going to London!!!!

We did a happy dance

"When do we leave " I asked


"Okay let me go home and pack oh wat! I have to ask my mum let me call"



"Hey mom Olivia got me and her tickets to fly to London for tomorrow can i go?"

"Yea sure honey"

"Thank you thank you so much I love you"

" I love you too honey"

"She said yea"

~~~~~~~~A/N:so whatcha think can u maybe comment and tell me what you think of this pleez I really want to know:)~~~

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