Changes In Life

Bailey, an 19 year old college girl is a hyper-active girl. She always make jokes and is the happiest girl in school. One day everything changed. Bailey's friend. family and boyfriend turn away from her. She was left alone until one day she met, Niall. What will happen to her? Will she still be happy?


11. The Truth

Oh hey there! Vas Sapnin! Alright alright.. I'm really sorry for not updating like a week. I've been really busy and I've always been coming home late from school since I had courses and stuff. Hope you guys understand! Alright without any further statements, I present you Chapter 11 : The Truth [Become a fan, Like, add to your favorites and comment!!] LOVE CHU GUYS! 



Brittany P.O.V 

I feel someone's presence around me and Luke. I scan the hallways quickly and there I saw, Bailey. What an idiot. 

I quickly came up with a good lie that was ' I hope Brenda ditched her soon'. Smart right?! Haha I know. I look over at Bailey and she is already crying. Aww someone's a cry baby. Alright I should really stop doing that in my head.

Bailey P.O.V

I walk into the class and people were giving me stares. I know I'm crying like a baby bitches! So just please stop fucking staring at me and pay attention to that Becky! Urgh! 

"Miss Bailey, are you alright? Is everything okay?" Mr Beck asked. I never thought that he would had seen me crying. Fuck!

"Urmm yeah.." I lied and he just continue with the lesson. 

We only have a 20 minutes left till the bell will ring. I took out a piece of paper and wrote a letter to Brenda and Kaily.

Brenda P.O.V

I received a letter from Bailey after she got in the class from the toilet. I open it up and read it.


Meet me after class at the usual place. I need to tell you something REALLY important! Be there. See ya.

I fold the paper in its original state and turn to Bailey and apparently she was staring at me and giving me death glares. Alright what the heck is going here! Urghh whatever!

Kaily P.O.V

I was penning down some notes for our test next week when suddenly I received a letter. I opened it up to see that it was from Bailey.


Meet me after class at the usual place. I need to tell you something! Its REALLY important! Be there please! See ya!

After reading the letter I look to Bailey and I saw her eyes pleading me to meet her. To be honest, I really miss her. 

I quickly look away and continue to pen down notes.

Bailey P.O.V

I quickly got out of class when the bell rang. I didn't want anyone to see me like how am I right now. I text Niall saying that I'll be late for our project at my house. 

I went straight to the back of the school to meet Kaily and Brenda. I just hope everything will be alright. I really miss my girls even though I'm mad at Brenda. 

~Skip to Back of School~

I lean my back against the brick wall. Kaily and Brenda are really taking their time to meet me. I took out my phone and began to tweet something. 

@Syushoezz ( that's right! its my twitter name..follow me if you wan to) : So fucked up...

I scroll down my newsfeed and saw a picture of Brittany kissing Kaily's boyfriend. I save the picture and switch off my phone. Great, I have 2 proofs to show Kaily! Thank God for saving me life!

I saw two shadow from far walking towards me. Soon, I saw that both Kaily and Brenda walking towards my direction. Alright, here goes nothing.

"Hey guys.." I said nervously.

"Hey.." both of them said in unison and they sound like they are not in the mood to talk. 

"I wanna say that I'm so s-" 

"Bailey, just get straight to the point!" Kaily said fustrated.

"Alright I have to show you two something.." I said and took out my phone to show the proves.

"Just listen to this recording" I said and press the play button. I saw Kaily's face changes to shock and guilt and Brenda faces in disbelief. 

"There.. See I told you I didn't kiss anybody!" I said to Kaily.

"And you..Why aren't you ditching us?" I yelled to Brenda in her face.

"No no! I'm not! Brittany is planing this all along! I'm not ditching any of you! Listen to this!" Brenda said and pressed the play button on her phone. 

I was literally in shock. I should have known that Brittany is trying to make me break my friendship with Kaily and Brenda. But its not gonna happen. No, nada, naah! 

I hugged both of my friends and I didn't realized that I was in tears. I pulled away and wiped my tears.

"I'm so sorry Bailey that I didn't trust you.." Kaily said in between sobs.

"Me too!" I said and gave them a weak smile.

"I'm sorry too guys! Hugs?!" Brenda said and pulled me and Kaily into a hug again. I'm so glad everything is back to normal! I really happy to have my friends back. 

"Alright how about some frozen yogurt to celebrate this moment?! My treat!" I said after pulling away from the hug and both of my friends nodded.

I'm really sorry that I haven't updated in like forever! I hope you enjoy this Chapter! Do follow me on twitter : @Syushoezz 






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