Changes In Life

Bailey, an 19 year old college girl is a hyper-active girl. She always make jokes and is the happiest girl in school. One day everything changed. Bailey's friend. family and boyfriend turn away from her. She was left alone until one day she met, Niall. What will happen to her? Will she still be happy?


12. The Song Project

Niall P.O.V

I was walking down the hall ways when I felt a buzzed in my front pocket. 


My Babe [Bailey] : Babe I will be a little late to meet ya for our project! Have something on to settle.. I'm sorry! LOVE CHU! XOXO :D

I smile at the text and replied 'Ok.. no worries! Love chu too! Stay safe! XOXO :D'

I switch off my phone and began to make my way to an empty table at the corner of the hall way to meet Bailey. 

~Skip to the waiting part~

Its been like an hour waiting for Bailey. Where could she be? I hope she's alright.

To: My Babe [Bailey]

Heya Love! Where are you? We got project to do! Haha! Meet me in the hall way! LOVE CHU! :D

Bailey P.O.V

I was having fun with my babes at Frozen Yogurt when suddenly I felt a buzzed. I took out my phone and saw a text from Niall.


Nialler Babe [Niall] : Heya Love! Where are you? We got project to do! Haha! Meet me in the hall way! LOVE CHU! :D

OMG! I totally had forgotten about my music project with Niall. I guess I miss my BFF so much that I had forgotten about it. Gosh! 

"Urmm guys.. I got to go.. I have a project with Niall.." I said and their faces literally snapped to me. How cool! Alright back to the story.

"Awhh.. we are having so much fun Bailey!" Kaily said pouting. Oh man!

"I'm really sorry guys but this project is really important for my grades in Music..." I spit the truth and both of my BFF nodded their heads.

"Well.. We'll see ya tomorrow Lily!" Brenda said and we did our handshake and I went to meet Niall in the hall way.

I walk further and further down the hall ways and finally spotted Niall sitting at a table..alone. I'm the worst girlfriend ever! Oh god! 

I went up to him, running and hugged him from the back.

"I'm really sorry babe.. I didn't me-" I was cut off by Niall turning me around and kissed me on my lips. My stomach started to do some triple back flips. This is the best feeling ever!

"Its okay babe! Let's go!" Niall said after pulling away from the kissed and grabs me by the waist. We decided to walk to my house since its near.

~Skip to the house~ 

Once we finally arrived at my house, I made Niall a drink as I assured him to wait on the couch. Once I came back in the living room I look at over at Niall and he's already ready with a pen in his right hand and a notebook on the table. Wow!

"Here's your drink babe! I'll be right back" I put down the cup and went upstairs to take my guitar. I decided to check my parents and siblings room. They aren't home, that's good!

I hurried down the stairs with my guitar and went to sit beside Niall on the couch.

"Alright let's get started shall we!" Niall said dramatically. 

"I have this tune in mind and some lyrics to it.. you wanna hear it?" I said and Niall looks surprised.

"Yes! I wanna hear it!" Niall said clapping his hands and I started to play the guitar. I started to pluck some strings to the tune I had in mind and began to sing the verse.

Can't believe you, packing your bags,

Trying so hard not to cry.

Had the best time and now it's the worst time

But we have to say goodbye.

Don't promise that you're gonna write 

Though promise that you'll call

Just promise that you won't forget we had it all

I look up at Niall and he was literally staring at me all along. I then started to sing the chorus part.

Cause you were mine for the Summer

Now we know it's nearly over

Feels like snow in September 

But I always will remember

You were mine Summer Love

You always will be mine Summer Love

Niall began to clap his hands after I stop singing.

"Well that's all I've got.." I said and Niall pulled me into a hug.

"Its perfect love! We just have to put in the rest of the lyrics and perfect the tune a little bit more!" Niall said and pulled away from the hugged. I smiled at him blushly. 

"Babe.. Can we continue this later.. I'm bored.." Niall said and I nodded since I felt bored too. Niall pulled me closer to him and tucked a piece of hair behind my ears. 

"Let's have some fun shall we.." he whispers in my ear sending shivers down my spine. I giggled lightly and Niall chuckle. 

He began to kiss my jaw line and near my earlobe. He started to suck the sweet spot and I let out a moan. I can sense that he is smirking. I tuck my hands in his hair and it felt soft. He then kiss my lips hungrily. By now, my stomach is tied into knots. Omg!

Niall's hands find its way to my thigh. He lifted me up and when up the stairs to my bedroom. Since I forgot to close my bedroom door, he just entered it and close it with his feet. He puts me on my bed gently and came on top on me holding his weight with his hands. 

My hands find its ways to the hem of his shirt and I pulled it up and he took it off completely, smirking. I was checking out his half naked body, his abs, everything, is just OMG! 

Niall place his right hand at the back of my small body under my shirt. He began to rubbed my back making me giggled at his touched. He slid his hand out and began to pull the shirt up and I took it off leaving me in my bra and jeans on. He looks me up and down smirking. 

He then kissed my lips again and unexpectedly he unclasp my bra. I slowly slid my bra down trying to tease Niall. Niall reaches for my boobs and began to massage it and I let out a moan. He reaches the button of my jeans and unbuttoned it pulling my jeans together with my panties down. 

Niall spreads my leg and came in between them. Without me noticing, he slid in two fingers in me and I let out another moan.

Niall P.O.V

Without her notice, I slid two fingers in her and she let out a moan. I smirk and I know she like it. I began to move my fingers in and out of her. Man how wet she is for me.

"You're so wet for me baby.." I said and I see that she was blushing.

I move my fingers faster and I lower my head to her entrance and began to lick it. She taste so good.

"Oh my god!" she said in between moans.

I stopped what I was doing and pulled my jeans together with my boxers down. Bailey's eyes stared at my shaft and I smirked. 

"Like what you see babe?" I teased.

"y-yes" she said and I insert myself in her. She gasp loudly and grab a hold of her bed sheet.

I slowly thrust in her earning another moan. She felt so tight. I quicken my pace and thrust in and out of her. 

"Oh god.. it feels so good Niall.." she said and I turned us around so she's on top of me. She began to move up and down my shaft. She quicken her pace and if she continues this pace I'm gonna cum.

"Niall.. I-I'm so close" 

"Me too baby.."

I move in and out of her faster and she let out a moan of pleasure when we reached our climax. That felt amazing. She get off of me and kiss me sloppy. 

"That was amazing.." she said with a smile.

"Yeah.. that was" I agreed. 

We both lay down in bed together and I pull her closer to me and our bare skin touched each other. I felt sparks whenever I'm touching her or kissing or what so ever related to her. She's just perfect. 

I look over to her and I saw she was already in a deep sleep on my chest, before I knew it my eyes shut close drifting to sleep with Bailey.


Hello there!! Omg I can't believe I can't did a sex scene in this chapter! Haha! Well, I hope you guys love this chapter! See ya guys in the next chapter ayye! Become a fan, comment, favorite and like this book! I LOVE CHU GUYS! :D XoXo!










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