Changes In Life

Bailey, an 19 year old college girl is a hyper-active girl. She always make jokes and is the happiest girl in school. One day everything changed. Bailey's friend. family and boyfriend turn away from her. She was left alone until one day she met, Niall. What will happen to her? Will she still be happy?


14. Summer Love

Bailey P.O.V

"You okay?" Niall said after we sat on the couch continuing our song.

"Yeah..great!" I said and I don't know why I'm breathless. Haha!

Niall gave me a thumbs up and we started to rehearse the full song we wrote for tomorrow's Music Presentation.

Niall began to strum the guitar and I started of with the first verse.

Can't believe your packin your bags

Tryin so hard not to cry Had the best time and now its the worst time

But we have to say goodbye.


Don't promise that you're gonna write

Don't promise that you'll call

Just promise that you won't forget we had it all.

We got to the chorus and we sang it together. To be honest, the harmony in our voice when combine is just so wonderful, just so perfect!

Cause you were mine for the Summer

Now we know its nearly over

Feels like snow in September

But I always will remember

You were my Summer love

You always will be my Summer love

~Skip to the end of the song~

After we sang the whole song, Niall had to go home since its already 9.00pm.

"Niall how about you stay here for the night?" my dad offered.

"Dad..." I whined as I felt embarrassed.

"Its okay, Mr Beckham, I'll passed." Niall said and I felt a slight of relief even though I want him to stay here for the night.

"Well alright then.. Take care son!" my dad said and Niall hug my dad before he goes out the door. He gave me a waved and a smile and got into his car and drive off.

"Bailey, he's a great guy for you.." my dad said and I blushed.

"Dad!" I whined as I close the front door.

~Skip to the next day~

Once me and Niall step into Music class, we took our seat at the back of the classroom and waited for our names to be called for the presentation. I'm really nervous and I think Niall notices because I am squeezing his hand real tight. 

"Chill babe! Everything will be fine!" he whispered to me since the first presentation has started. I gave Niall a smile and took a deep breathe and slowly breathing it out. 

I don't really know why I'm so nervous for today. I've never been this nervous before. I think its because of Niall is going to sing with me. Afterall, he is my boyfriend and that this is the first time I'm singing with him in front of the whole class. Mrs Ana also said that the partners who received the highest grades and points will have to perform in front of the whole school, and I'm fucking scared about that which I don't know why.

"Lastly, we have Bailey and Niall!" Mrs Ana said as she snapped me out of my thoughts and I saw the whole class applauding for us. Niall grab his guitar and we made our way to the front of the class.

"Hey guys.. Today me and Niall are going to present to you the song we wrote.. We present you, Summer Love" I said and the class applaud again.

Niall started strumming the guitar and he nods to signal me that I can start with the first verse. 

~Skip to the end of the song~

After we finished singing the song, everyone was smiling and applauding like retards for us. I waved my hand and said 'Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much!' and the whole class laugh at my silly-ness. 

Mrs Ana announced who was the top 3 and guess what, me and Niall are in the first position. Now the next fear, singing in front of the whole school with Niall, my boyfriend. What will Luke and the Brittany bitch think?! I shake off the thought from my mind and think positive.

Bailey you can do this! I know you can! Let it go, Let it all out! Do it for yourself! Do it for Niall! Do it for the both of you! 


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