Changes In Life

Bailey, an 19 year old college girl is a hyper-active girl. She always make jokes and is the happiest girl in school. One day everything changed. Bailey's friend. family and boyfriend turn away from her. She was left alone until one day she met, Niall. What will happen to her? Will she still be happy?


13. Oh oh I Guess We Almost Got Caught!

Bailey P.O.V

I woke up from my long nap and stretched my arms and legs. I stretched my arms and I hit someone. I look over to see a peaceful Niall sleeping. He looks so innocent and perfect.

I scoot closer to him and put my head on his bare chest and began to trace his abs. I look up at him still tracing his abs. I stop tracing his abs and kiss him, hoping not to wake him up. I suddenly felt him kissing me back. Oh god!

"Well hello there love.." Niall said.

"Urmm Hi!" I said acting nothing happened.

"Did you have fun tracing my abs and kissing me?" he asked. Oh god I'm caught!

"Urmm..yeah.. but aren't you asleep?" 

"Well I was until I felt something tracing my abs love.." he admits.

Suddenly, I hear the front door opens. Oh god, my family! Niall and I quickly got out of bed and put on our clothes as fast as possible. Oh shit, please Lord don't make me die of screaming by my parents right now.

"Bailey!" I heard. 

I quickly took some stuff that is related to my project so that my family won't suspect anything.

"Coming!" I said and Niall and I skipped down the stairs. My family stares at me surprised.

"What?" I asked them.

"Who is this lovely boy?!" My mum asked.

"Well Familista, meet Niall James Horan" I said dramatically and winked at Niall.

"Well, nice to meet you Niall!" my dad said and gestures his hand for Niall to shake it and Niall took it.

"Nice to meet you too!" Niall said with a bright smile. Per-fect!

"So what are you two kiddos up to?" my mum asked. Alright, time to get serious bitches!

"Me and Niall are having a project for Music Lesson at school and I forgot to take some stuff down from my room and I asked Niall to help me out." I answered confidently. Give me some applause for that bitches! I'm just kidding.

"Wow, that's great! Well, we hope you two didn't do naughty things while we were gone" my dad said.

"Seriously dad! We don't even have time for that!" I said and my family including Niall laugh.

"Well, I;m going to make dinner while the rest of you continue with what you guys are doing!" My mum said and went to the kitchen.

My brother and sister went to their rooms doing their usual stuffs. My dad helped out my mum with the groceries. While me and Niall continue our song project.

That was too close of getting caught.

Too close.

Too,too close.

Too, too fucking close.

Too,too fuc- Alright I should stop this right now. Can you just shut up head!

Hey wazzup mah lovelies! Sorry that this is a short chapter but I hope you guys enjoyed it! Well, I'll update pretty soon ayye! So see you lovelies in the next Chapter ayye! I LOVE CHU GUYS! XoXo! [Become a fan, Like, Comment & Fav!]


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