Changes In Life

Bailey, an 19 year old college girl is a hyper-active girl. She always make jokes and is the happiest girl in school. One day everything changed. Bailey's friend. family and boyfriend turn away from her. She was left alone until one day she met, Niall. What will happen to her? Will she still be happy?


10. Lunch, Stories & Recordings

Hello mah lovelies!​ How are you guys doing? Sorry for not updating for the past 2 days I think. I've been really busy and I needa study for my exam and stuff. So before I move on to the chapter, I wanna say a massive thank you to everyone who has been reading "Changes In Life" !

If any of you guys have any questions for me or the characters, just comment down below and I'll try and answer! Without any further a do, I present to you Chapter 10 : Lunch, Stories & Recordings!


Niall P.O.V

After Music Lesson, me and Bailey went to lunch. I hold her hand as we walk down the hallway to the cafeteria. Luckily we didn't get any weird stares from others. I guess they are used to it already. I look over to Bailey and man she looks really upset.

We took a seat at our usual place. 

"Bailey, I'm going to take some food.. Aren't you getting yours?" I asked and she just shook her head.

"Alright I'll be right back" I said and went to take my food. I just grabbed an apple, a sandwich and 2 juice box, one for me and the other for Bailey. She at least need to have something though.

Bailey P.O.V

"I'm back!" Niall said and sat down in front of me. He handed me a juice box and I took it. I don't even have the appetite to drink right now, but since Niall gave the juice box to me maybe I shoukd just drink it.

"So, what was it do you want to tell me?" he asked and takes a bite of his sandwich.

"Okay here goes.. Well, Kaily came to meet really angry this morning. She blame me that I kissed her boyfriend last night and she even showed me a picture of it. But the whole, well most of last night I was with you. How could I be hitting on her boyfriend?! This is just a misunderstanding but Kaily won't listen to me." I paused as I talk too fast and I needed air. 

"And I think I may know who did this, Luke and Brittany.." I added and cover my face with my hands. I feel tears started to escape from my eyes. Oh god not now!

Niall remove my hands from my face and wiped the tears that flowed down my cheeks. I smiled at his touch but quickly wipe it away so that he won't see.

"Its going to be okay love.. you just need prove. Everything will be back to normal!" he said and went to my side just to hug me. Ngaww.

"Thanks Niall.. you're a great boyfriend.. I love you so much!" I said after pulling from the hug and Niall was blushing.

"I love you so much too!" he said and kiss my forehead and went back to eating. This guy couldn't survive without food. Haha!

Okay great I just need prove to show Kaily that I didn't kissed her boyfriend. I take the last sip from my juice box and throw it away. I look over at Niall and finally he has finished eating. Both of us stood up and he intertwine his hands in mine and we walk out of the cafeteria for next class.

~Skip to during class~

"Mr Beck, I really need the toilet" I said to get Mr Beck's attention.

"Alright go.. but be quick" Mr Beck said but his back is facing me. How rude. Eh that actually rhymes 'Mr Beck but his back' haha! Alright back to the story.

I was running to the toilet because I couldn't take it anymore. Eventually something that caught my eye stop me. I saw Brittany and Luke up a head in the hallways. Weird, aren't they suppose to be in class. 

I quietly tip-toed closer to them and hide at the same time. I can see both of them smirking and nodding. What are they talking about? Suddenly I heard something about me. I quickly took out my phone and record everything.

"Great job at photo shopping the picture of Bailey kissing Kaily's boyfriend by the way!" Luke said to Brittany and she just flipped her hair to say 'Oh well! I'm a pro' to Luke. 

"And I can't wait to see Bailey to be the laughing stock of the whole school.. I really hope Brenda will ditched her anytime soon. I can't believe Brenda didn't like Bailey and Kaily all along" Brittany said and I can sense that I'm about to cry. How could Brenda backstabbed me and Kaily.

I quickly save the recording and went straight to class. I suddenly didn't have the urge to go and take a wasp. I'm so angry and sad. Actually, there's alot of emotion inside me right now. Before I knew it, a tear escaped my eye and fall to the ground as I walk back to the classroom. 


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