Changes In Life

Bailey, an 19 year old college girl is a hyper-active girl. She always make jokes and is the happiest girl in school. One day everything changed. Bailey's friend. family and boyfriend turn away from her. She was left alone until one day she met, Niall. What will happen to her? Will she still be happy?


17. Kidnapped [Part 2]

Bailey P.O.V

I woke up feeling very dizzy. I rubbed my eyes to make my vision clearer. As I look around, I see that I'm not in my bedroom nor my house. Guessing that I'm in the bedroom of whoever it belongs too, I decided to look around.

To my surprise, this bedroom is neat and tidy. The walls were painted sky blue and some walls had quotes and graffiti on it. The room has an walk-in closet and a bathroom and to be honest, it smelt nice. I like the scent of this room but seriously I don't know whose house I'm at. 

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming from the door. I started to panic and try to search something for a weapon. As the door open, I grab something that was near me and throw it at the person. I can't see the person face and he was covering himself with a hoodie. 

He pick up the thing I thrown at him and started to speak.

"Really Bailey, a comb?" he said with a chuckle. I remember that voice from somewhere, its really familiar.

"Who are you? Where am I?" I asked confidently but deep down inside I'm fucking scared like a cat.

"You're at my house..and you'll know me soon.." he said trying to calm me down and it work. Weird.

He walked out the door and I followed him down the stairs to the kitchen. I look around and it was really beautiful. This house is seriously huge and beautiful and like I said I like the scent of the house.

"Why did you kidnapped me? Or teennapped me? cause I'm a teenager" I asked to break the silent and I chuckle a little at what I've said.

"Like I said you'll know everything sooner.." he said with a chuckle.

I feel like ripping that hoodie of his right here, right now. I seriously want to know who this guy is and how does he know me and why am I the one he kidnapped.

As I take a seat on the counter, the mysterious guy started to cook something. I guess its for himself though. Why would he even want to cook for me right? Urghh fuck it. I'm so gonna ripped his hoodie of his head once he walks here.

I was daydreaming when suddenly I heard a plate in front of me. I snapped from my thoughts and look up to the guy and to the plate filled with pancake and blueberry sauce.

"Eat this.. I know you're hungry.." he said. 

"Thank you.." I said awkwardly. Before I can eat my food, I suddenly remembered that I wante dto ripped that hoodie of his head. Before he could walk away, I pulled his hoodie down his head. I was shocked to see who it was.

"Z-zayn.." I stutter.

"Bailey, I can explain all this!" he said.

"Zayn, is this a prank from Niall? where is he?! Niall? Niall?" I asked and shouted for Niall but I had no reply back.

"No its not a prank.and Niall doesn't know about this.." he stated.

"What?! Why did you kidnapped me than?" I asked voice shaky.

"Bailey I'll tell you later but for now please eat first.." he said and I sigh.

"Alright! Fine! Whatever!" I said. I really needa break from all of this shits that is going to happen.

I took a bite from the pancake that Zayn made for me and I just stare at him walking away. I wonder what is he going to tell me and I wanna know why he kidnapped me.

Cliffhanger!! :P

Omg! I'm really sorry guys for not updating! Its been like forever! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter! I promise to update more asap but I have a few test coming up so I have to study real hard for it! Alright see ya in the next chapter! I LOVE CHU GUYS AS ALWAYS! XOXO!! :D



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