Changes In Life

Bailey, an 19 year old college girl is a hyper-active girl. She always make jokes and is the happiest girl in school. One day everything changed. Bailey's friend. family and boyfriend turn away from her. She was left alone until one day she met, Niall. What will happen to her? Will she still be happy?


4. Flashback

Niall P.O.V

I walk into the toilet to clean up the blood stain on my face and hands. Luckily no one else was in there. I'm really mad at that fuckhead, Luke!


I was walking down the hallway after eating my lunch. I still haven't made any friends yet except for Brenda, Bailey and Kaily. So basically, I was alone. I saw a three boys coming up to me. They started beating the shit out of me. I don't know why they started beating me up. I guess new kids gets that. 

I tried to fight them by punch them on the face and it worked only for a moment but before I could punch them again, one of them punch me in the face and i fell to the ground. I groan in pain. 

"Weak!" the on with tan skin said.

"Who are you calling weak!"  I tired to stand up but they push me back to the ground.

"You! Idiot!" they said and started laughing.

"Look, I saw you and Bailey today and I'm warning you to stay away from her or else you are gonna get worst than this!" one of them said while he pulled me by the collar of my shirt.

"Who are you to make me stay away from her?!" I yelled in his face.

"I'm her boyfriend idiot! Luke!" the guy whose name is Luke said.

They punch me a few more times and left me laying on the ground. As they walked away, Luke turned around and mouthed 'watch out'. I rolled my eyes and got up. This is why I hate being the new kid.  

I made my way to the bathroom to clean myself.

~End of Flashback~

Once I finish cleaning the blood that was on me, I made my way to my car. That fuckhead, Luke left me with bruises on my face and hand. One day I'm so gonna get him back!

Bailey P.O.V

Detention was finally over. Its seriously a torture sitting in that room doing nothing for a whole hour! Fucktards! I changed my plans of letting Luke come over. He messed up big time! I walk quickly to my locker to grab some stuff before heading home. Something or should I say someone caught my eye, Niall. He had bruises all over his face and hands. Fuck you Luke! Arghh!

I ran towards Niall and gently grab his wrist. 

"Ow!" he said.

"Sorry Niall.." I said rubbing his bruise on his right wrist.

"Its okay.. what do you want?" boy he sounded rude.

"Urmm I just wanna say sorry about Luke.. He's not usually this way.. I'm real-" before i get to finish my sentence, Niall cut me off.

"Look, just stay away from me! I don't care if you're sorry or not but if you don't want me to be beaten up again my your boyfriend Luke, just fucking stay the fuck away from me!" he yelled and a tear escape my eyes.

"What?! No! You're my friend! I don't care what Luke says!" I yelled back wiping away my tear.

"Friend? I don't need to be friends with someone which her boyfriend hates! Just get the fuck away from me!" he said and ran to his car. I try to catch him but I change my mind. Damn what's wrong with him! I was just trying to help! If that's what he wants, fine! Idiots!

I text my mum to fetch me since I was too fucked up to walk home but she told me to walk home since she was busy. Great!




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