Perfect Summer

The perfect summer. Friends family, sun, everything's going great until the crash. Everything changes in one night. These 5 boys are trouble makers for sure but somehow it feels like we were destined to meet. Can I trust them? Can I trust him? Or will this love cost me my life?


3. You Again?

A few minutes later my phone bleeps in my pocket and I unlock it to see that it's a message from mum.

From: Mum Okay, nearly on the plane now so I'll see you soon. Be careful xx

I place my phone back into my bag and catch up to the boys. Harry is talking to a man who's saying we just have to go through this terminal to get onto the plane. Mum and the girls should be here soon.

We follow through the terminal and onto the plane and I keep an eye out for the girls. A woman shows us to our seats and the boys are taken in a different direction to me. Me and Niall quickly exchange numbers and say our last goodbyes and I thank him for helping me. Then I give him an awkward, split second long, hug. One of the boys whistles at us and Niall laughs with them and turns to go. I wonder if I'll ever see him again... My thoughts are interrupted as one of the flight staff show me to my seat.

To my surprise, Ellie is already sitting in her seat next to mine and as I look across the plane I see mum, Aysha and Courtney are in theirs as well.

Ellie leaps up and gives me a massive hug, "I thought we had lost you! Don't ever do that again!" She says mock-punching me. I laugh and sit down next to her. "I was fine! Hey, some really cute guys are on the same flight as us! They let me tag along with them to the terminal and they're about our age!" I said, thinking of Niall an his mysterious friends. "Oh my god! You HAVE to introduce me to them!" She says excitedly. "But Ellie, didn't you get back together with Joe the other week?" She's always breaking up with him but then they're back together again, almost overnight. I can hardly even keep up anymore. "Yeah, but how longs that gonna last? And I need something to entertain me while we're in America!" We both laugh until we can't breathe.

I think people are looking at us but we're so weird together that I hardly notice anymore. The plane soon fills up and luckily there are not any screaming, seat-kicking, little kids!

Behind us are an old couple and in front of us are two formal looking business men. A voice starts to announce the takeoff of the plane and we are all instructed to fasten our seat-belts. I do as I'm told and get out my book.

Then a woman from the flight crew comes and starts going through the emergency procedures. She shows us how to use the life jackets and oxygen masks and all that safety stuff. I listen to every word, just incase. You never know when these things could happen!

Then I open my book and start to read. It's a book called 'Forbidden Friends' and its so good! Once we are airborne, I start getting into it until I'm tapped lightly on the shoulder. I turn around, expecting Mum but instead it's Niall.

"Hey, just thought I'd come and check that you found the others okay?" He says with his accent. "Yeah, they were already here when we got on the plane, luckily" I reply, "okay, well erm, we'll have to meet up sometime" he says, digging his hands into his pockets and flicking back his mop of blonde waves. "Yeah, sure" is it me or are we both just as nervous as each other? He turns on his heel and walks briskly back into the other section of the plane.

"Who was that?!?!" Ellie explodes, getting up to turn around and look back at him. "Oh, that was Niall, one of the boys I was telling you about. Isn't he cute?" I say, looking back. "Super!" She replies. 

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