Perfect Summer

The perfect summer. Friends family, sun, everything's going great until the crash. Everything changes in one night. These 5 boys are trouble makers for sure but somehow it feels like we were destined to meet. Can I trust them? Can I trust him? Or will this love cost me my life?


8. The Crash...

I look in the mirror at myself. I'm wearing a long blue dress with red roses on it and brown wedge shoes. My hair is down and in half a waterfall twist. I wish that I was prettier. I start to top up my makeup. First I add a thin base layer of powder and then I re-do my eyeliner and add a bit more mascara. For a final touch, I use my red lipstick. Then I grab my small brown bag and put in my phone, purse, keys and lipstick. Just as I am about to walk out of the bedroom, Aysha walks in.

She looks so pretty! She's wearing a purple skater type dress with silver high heels. "Wow! You look amazing!" I tell her. "Thank you" she replies but looks unsure about the compliment. As I walk into the lounge, I see that it's not just Aysha that looks amazing. Both Ellie and Courtney look beautiful in their dresses and I'm about to compliment them when Ellie beats me to it. "Saph, you look stunning!" She says, getting up to give me a hug. "Me?" I've never been the pretty one of the group. I look too plain with my thin, straight, brown hair and my tall, slightly chubby legs. Not to mention my ghostly pale skin. Even the boys at school call me horrible and ugly.

"Right well, we will need to get going soon" I announce. "Yeah okay" Courtney says as she gets up from the couch. At the same time, Aysha and mum walk through from the corridor. "Ready to go?" Mum asks us. We all nod and make our way out. The restaurant is quite posh. It's got a sailors style to it and is called 'The Blue Boat'.

I love how the rooms and tables are all colour coded to fit together. We are shown to our table by a friendly looking woman wearing a black and blue stripes uniform and a name badge that says 'Sarah'. I thank her and she smiles at me as she goes to show the next people to their seats. Everyone seems so much more friendly in America.

We all make a grab for the menu's and decide on what we want to order. They have such a variety! There are a lot of fish dishes and nearly everything has a choice of fries. Then there are steaks, curry's, soups, everything. But eventually I decide on the gammon steak and pineapple with fries.

Not long after, a waitress makes her way over to our table. "Hi! I'm Vicky and I'm going to be your waitress for the evening! Are you ready to order yet?" She talks in too friendly of a tone and seems to have a cramp in her shoulders because every two seconds she is moving them up and down. Anyone would think she is talking to a three year old.

I'm 16 and I don't even look young for my age. There's only Courtney who is slightly on the short side but it isn't that noticeable. We all give our orders and then she asks what drinks we would like. I say coke, so does Courtney and Aysha but Ellie decides on orange juice. "Okay, i will be back in a moment with your drinks" Vicky says as she turns on her heel and walks back towards what must be the kitchen. It's a long wait for our meals and at first it's a bit awkward. We all just sit here in silence, until Ellie pipes up, "Hey Claire, will you come to the toilets with me?" "Sure" Courtney has to get up for me to be able to squeeze past her on the bench. Just then I realise that I have no idea where the toilets actually are in here. I suggest to Ellie that we ask a waitress but we're both too shy. So we end up walking all the way around the restaurant, trying to look for a sign or something. As we walk past all the other tables, I look at the people sat there. At one table is a blonde woman in a long gown sat opposite an older looking man. I wonder if its her dad, until she leans across the table and they start kissing. Like right in front of us. Right in front of everyone actually! A few other people notice but nobody really seems to care.

We turn round a corner and I look around once again. There is a family of four at one table. The mum and dad are talking and laughing while their two little boys run around the table playing 'tag'. "I found them!" Ellie turns to me and nods over in the direction of two doors under a sign saying 'Toilets'. One of them has a stickman girl sign and the other a boy.

Just as we're heading towards them, I hear my name being called. "Hey Saph, how's it goin?" I turn around to see his gorgeous blue eyes staring me down. "Hi" I mutter a reply, not really aware of the fact that I'm talking. "So are you having dinner here?" He asks me casually.

"Yeah, just me and my mates. What about you?" I ask, finding my voice just in time. "Oh just chillin" he replies, flicking back his hair. "So, do you and your mates wanna hang out after you've finished eating?" "We'd love to!" Ellie pipes up. "Oh yeah! This is my mate Ellie, Ellie this is Niall" I inform them. They say hi and Niall goes to leave. "Text me later and I'm meet you out front" he says and then heads in the other direction. Me and Ellie go into the toilets. "Wow! He is so hot!" Ellie explodes as soon as the door clicks shut. "I know right!" I admit. "And he wants to hang out with us!" She starts squealing. "As well as his mates" I remind her. "Hey, do you think you could hook me up with one of them?" We both burst out laughing. "You have Joe! Now come on let's go, maybe our food is ready". We head back to our table and tell the others about us bumping into Niall. I also text my mum and let her know that we're going to be out a bit longer, so that she doesn't worry.

The rest of our meal goes by fast and when we are all done, I text Niall to tell him.

To Niall: Just done now, meet you outside? Saph xx

A few seconds later, my phone bleeps with a reply.

From Niall: Yeah, here now Niall xx

Wait, what?! Two kisses on the end? Did I put that to him? I check back through my messages and see that I did. Oh my, he returned it. Does he mean it in a friendly way or a more than friends way? I don't know, this is all so confusing! I try to forget it as we make our way to the reception bar. We pay for our meals and then make our way outside. As we open the door, we find 5 boys stood against the wall, one of the is smoking. Is he even old enough? "Hey Niall!" I say, desperately trying to get his attention. "Oh, hey Saph" he says looking up, as if he wasn't even expecting me. "Zayn, put that out." He says to his dark haired friend. Zayn does as he is told. Dropping the cigarette, he then stamps it out on the ground. "Hey, do you guys wanna go play a game?" Harry says.

I remember him now from the beach, the boy with the curly hair and freckles. "Yeah, sure" Courtney, Ellie and Aysha are stood next to me, nodding and grinning. I sigh and give in "fine". I have no idea what I'm letting myself in for here. I don't know what they have planned! Maybe an innocent game of spin the bottle? We follow the boys down a pavement that leads down to a main road. When we are about half way down, Harry holds up his hand and stops us. "Here should be good!" He says while looking up and down the road. "What are we doing?" One of the other boys demand. "Oh it's nothing Liam, just an innocent game of 'chicken in the road'" he raises an eyebrow at Liam but he doesn't seem impressed with this idea. "Harry, you know how dangerous this is! What if something happens?! We're thousands of miles away from England!" Liam starts to panic a little. "Oh lighten up will you? If your that bothered, don't join in!" Says Harry, tersely. Liam rolls his eyes and walks over to a wall where he sits down and starts playing games on his phone. "So! The rules of the game are pretty easy. When a car reaches that lamppost further down there, you have to step into the road and stay there for as long as you can. Whoever stays there the longest, wins!" We all nod. "Oh and if your a wimp then you can opt out and sit with Liam over there." Liam looks up and waves.

Nobody goes to move so Harry takes the first turn. Its an unusually empty road but soon a car rolls towards us. It's only a little red car but I guess it can still do damage if you get hit by it.

It reaches the lamppost and Harry quickly steps out into the road. He stands there for a while, legs apart, arms stretched out to the sides and head tilted back like he hasn't a care in the world. As the car gets nearer, it starts to beep it's horn. I think that he isn't going to move at first but then he darts back to the pavement.

It's still about another five to ten seconds before the car zooms past, the man driving is sticking his fingers up at us through the window, as he drives past and we can't help but crack up. Next is another one of the guys called Louis. It's even longer before the next car goes past and it's getting darker. Louis stands in the road until the ver last second and then dives towards the pavement, he's so lucky that he moved when he did or he would be dead by now. Then Louis gets to pick the next person and he only goes and picks me. All the boys start chanting "girlie wimp, girlie wimp!!" Ha! I will show them! We wait and wait and wait for a car but not one goes past. Eventually we get fed up and bored. "Guys! I have an idea!  I'll ride my car past!" Harry declares. We all let him and Zayn gets in the car as well. After a few minutes, I see the glare of headlights. It gets nearer and nearer until it reaches the lamppost. I step out into the road and await my death. I was probably going to die... I can't believe what I'm doing! The car gets nearer and nearer and I see Harry and Zayn in the front, laughing. Well, I'm not gonna move! They will have to stop or they'll run me over. The car is still speeding towards me but I stand firm. The headlights are shining in my eyes, burning into them and making them water. He isn't stopping! Why isn't he stopping?! I try to move but I can't. I'm stuck there, my brain frozen. The car is getting closer! It's about to hit me! Move Saph! Move! But still I can't. "SAPPHIRE!!" Someone screams. Niall. It's Niall screaming. But I can't move. Harry isn't slowing down. The car is right in front of me. Harry is in the drivers seat shouting and Zayn is waving his hands to the side, trying to tell me to move. Why don't I move? But it's too late. The car bonnet hits my stomach and my neck cracks with the force of it. My arms and legs flail as I go flying into the windscreen. The whole of my body is aching.  I shut my eyes. I'm so scared.

Am I dead? No. I'm still being throw around. Right over the car, back onto the hard tarmac ground of the road. A sharp soaring pain shoots through my left leg and I can't move my neck. I start to panic. What if another car comes?! Is someone calling 911? I don't know. I don't dare to open my eyes. I lay there for a while. All I can hear is a loud ringing in my ears. Eventually, I peel open my eyes, on by one. I'm on my back and the sky is so dark now, it must be really late! I try to turn my neck but it hurts too much so instead I roll myself over to the right. I see the pavement and Liam is stood up now, but on the phone. Harry is there as well, Louis and Zayn are screaming at him. Then I see Courtney and Ellie. They're both crying and hugging. Aysha is stood next to them, also on the phone. Where the heck is Niall? I try to turn over again but my leg is twisted and then I see it. The blood. It's pouring from my stomach. My dress is drenched. The blue silk ruined.

With my leg and my neck, I had hardly noticed it but my stomach feels like its burning away. I let out an unintentional shriek. Soon, Harry is standing over me, along with Zayn. "Saph I'm so so sorry!" They both burst out. "There's an ambulance on its way. Your hurt quite badly" Harry informs me. "Nah, I'm fine. Just gonna chill down here for a while" I say sarcastically, trying to make a lighthearted joke out of it. Harry laughs shakily. "I'm so sorry" he keeps saying over and over. "It's fine!" I tell him, "hey, where's Niall?" I ask. Harry looks at Zayn and he nods. "Well erm, the thing is, when you were about to get hit, Niall ran out into the road after you but he was too late. He was also too late to turn back and get out of the road again without being hit. I'm so sorry! It was an accident I swear! My breaks wouldn't work! I couldn't stop, ask Zayn!" I look at Zayn and he nods, confirming. "Where is he?" I demand.

""He's over in front of the car. He isn't as bad as you but we told him not to moves just in case. We think his leg might be broken." "Carry me over to him!" I tell Harry. "Saph, I cant! Your hurt! Me moving you might just hurt you more!" Harry says apologetically. "But I need to see him, make sure he's okay." I plead with him. "Oh fine! But then you have to stay over there. Deal?" "Deal" Harry scoops one arm under my legs and the other under my back. He supports my head and neck on his arm. Like a baby. Then he lifts me up and walks round to the front of the car. I see Niall lay with his back to me. Harry puts me down just next to him, with room for him to turn over. Then he walks back over to the pavement. "Niall?" "Saph!" He says and turns round onto his other side straight away."Are you okay?! Where are you hurt?!" "Just my leg, neck and stomach. Apart from that I'm fine." I tell him. He looks at my stomach and gasps at all the blood. "Oh my god! This is all my fault! I shouldn't have let Harry play this game! I knew it was stupid!" A tear rolls down his cheek. Just then an ambulance flashes into sight, it's loud horn growing nearer. The it's turned off and the ambulance pulls up as close to us as it can get. Then 2 men and 2 women jump out of the vehicle and walk towards us. "Okay guys, we are going to get you on stretchers and put you in the ambulance and then drive you to the hospital where you can be treated." Then they go back into the ambulance and bring back out 2 stretchers. The two woman come towards me slowly slide me onto the stretcher. They then fix these blocks to my head and legs and strap me in so that I can't move anything but my arms. Then they lift the whole stretcher and carry me round and into the back of the ambulance which Niall is already in. It's quite spacious but I'm still within reach of Niall. His presence comforts me. "Now, your friends are going to follow us in their car to the hospital." One of the male doctors inform us.

He takes my hand and says "this won't hurt at all, okay" then clips a grey little thing onto my finger. It's connected to a machine and I think that it's monitoring my heart rate. Another doctor does the same to Niall and then they both sit down. Niall reaches out his hand towards me so I do the same and he relaxes a little. Holding my hand in his. It isn't a very long drive before we are at the hospital.

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