Perfect Summer

The perfect summer. Friends family, sun, everything's going great until the crash. Everything changes in one night. These 5 boys are trouble makers for sure but somehow it feels like we were destined to meet. Can I trust them? Can I trust him? Or will this love cost me my life?


2. Life Saver?!

I try not to cry as I think of what to do. I'll call mum! Easy! I get out my phone and scroll through my contacts until I get to mums number and call it. After a few seconds it starts ringing. It rings for about a minute with no answer, great. I try again and the same happens. I try Ellie's number next but it just goes straight through to voicemail as does Courtney's and Aysha's. I try not to panic but I just don't know what to do! A tear rolls down my cheek and I wipe it away with the back of my hand. I decide to try and find them but which way did they go?

I feel a light tap on my shoulder and turn around to see a cute blonde boy, about my age. "Excuse me? Are you okay there?" He says with a slight accent. Scottish? Wait no, Irish. "Erm, yeah, Im erm just a bit lost" I reply, I've always been terrible at talking to boys. He asks what plane I'm getting so I tell him all the details I can remember. "Really?! That's the same flight as mine! You can come with us if you want and find your mates on the plane?" I agree, "yeah sure, but who's us?" I ask. "Oh, just me and the boys" he explains and points over to 4 other boys standing a bit away from us.

He waves at them and they wave back. Well they definitely seem nice enough and I've got my passport and ticket and bags so I decide its worth a shot. We walk over to the boys and the cute blonde boy introduces me to everyone, "This is Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam and I'm Niall" They all look at me expectantly. "Hi, I'm Sapphire but everyone calls me Saph" they all say hi. "Saph got lost and she's getting on the same flight as us so I thought she could come along" Niall explains to the boys. None of them seem to mind.

They start to walk down one corridor and I follow. I don't want to lose sight of them but Niall slows down and walks with me at the back of the group. "So how long are you staying in America for?" He asks me. "The whole summer, how about you?" I reply. "The whole summer!" He exclaims. We both laugh. Its so strange that we have so much in common yet we only just met. "We'll have to meet up before we leave" he says as we approach some desks. "Yeah definitely" I agree. We go through security and our bags are taken to be put on the plane. I check my phone and see that it's 12:15. No missed calls or texts or anything. I send mum a quick text anyway.

To Mum, Found some other people that are on the same flight as us and will meet you on the plane. Don't worry, I'm fine.

Saph xx

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