Perfect Summer

The perfect summer. Friends family, sun, everything's going great until the crash. Everything changes in one night. These 5 boys are trouble makers for sure but somehow it feels like we were destined to meet. Can I trust them? Can I trust him? Or will this love cost me my life?


4. Landed in America..

I end up finishing my book before the flights even over. Ellie has fallen asleep and so has Aysha. Mum and Courtney are talking but I'm too far away to hear what about. I decide to take a nap and rest my head on Ellie's shoulder. The smooth glide of the plane drifts me off to sleep and I find myself dreaming about Niall and his perfect blue eyes... I'm woken by a sudden twist of turbulence. I panic and look to my left at Ellie. She's awake and looks as frantic as me. I glance over at mum and Courtney and Aysha and they are all talking with puzzled expressions on their faces. What's happening?

Are we going to crash? Are we going to die?! My thoughts are interrupted as a crisp, calm voice begins to talk "We will be starting our descent, shortly. please remain seated and fasten your seat belts" they announce.

Oh thank goodness. Everything is going to be fine - I stress out too easily! The plane slowly starts dropping and the world outside the window starts to get clearer and closer. The ground gets nearer and soon we have touchdown. 

We are told that we are allowed to start getting off the plane and everyone jumps up, grabbing their bags from the overhead compartments. I stay sat down until most of the people have gone and the crowds have died down a little. The other girls do the same. Then we grab our bags from the mostly empty compartments and make our way down the terminal.

It's stinking red hot and we haven't even got outside yet! Mum finds out where our bags are and we wait with the crowd for them to come round on the conveyor belt. Bag after suitcase after holdall after rucksack goes by and there's still loads of new bags coming onto the conveyor belt. Then at last, Courtney's bright pink suitcase come rolling onto the track. She pushes her way forward through the crowd and grabs it by the handle. She's only short for her age and she struggles yanking it off the fast moving belt but a man by the side of her helps and eventually she makes her way back through the crowd towards us, just as Aysha spots her bag in the distance. It's a purple one with white polka dots and she goes through the same procedure as Courtney. It's a while before we see anymore of our bags but at last, mine and Ellie's suitcase turn up. I have a blue one with a white floral pattern and Ellie's is tartan. Mums is the very last case to be put onto the conveyor belt and by the time she gets it off the track, most of the people from our plane have left the airport. We head outside to find our hire car for the holiday and make our way to the villa.

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