Perfect Summer

The perfect summer. Friends family, sun, everything's going great until the crash. Everything changes in one night. These 5 boys are trouble makers for sure but somehow it feels like we were destined to meet. Can I trust them? Can I trust him? Or will this love cost me my life?


12. I Can't Believe Them...

"How was it?" Aysha whispers across from her bed.

"Amazing!" I tell her excitedly .

"Spill!" She says. So I tell her everything. The heart-shaped pizza, Niall asking me out, the fountain and the wishes (although I'm careful not to directly say what I wished for), the crash and the hot girls ex boyfriend, and lastly, the kiss. It all just spills out of me like I can't control it. However, I know that I can trust Aysha not to tell anyone if I don't want her too.

"So what did you lot get up to whilst I was gone?" I whisper to Aysha.

"Well, we went down to the beach and we actually met up with Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn! Mum had gone shopping of course so it was just us. Then guess what happened?!" Aysha squeals silently.

"What?!" I ask eagerly.

"Harry hugged me! Then he said I looked beautiful!" Aysha mock screams into her pillow. "It was amazing! He really seems to care!" Aysha says, calming down a little now. I'm so happy for Aysha, but at the same time I am worried. I'm pretty sure that Harry and the other boys were flirting with the hot girl when they were heading back from the beach which would have been after he hugged Aysha and Harry doesn't seem like the safest of guys to be around! He nearly killed me with his stupid idea of a game and then today, he ripped the front end of his car off in a crash! What if he gets Aysha into trouble? Or hurts her? I can't let him do that to her. But if I tell Aysha, she'll hate me and it will break her heart either way.

The next morning, I wake up to the sound of a fire alarm and the smell of over cooked bacon. I get up as fast as I can and go to wake Aysha up as well but she isn't in her bed or anywhere in the bedroom. I hop through the corridor on my crutches, into the kitchen. Mum and Ellie are standing over a frying pan that's letting off clouds of white smoke. As I look around the room, I see that Courtney is waving a pillow underneath the fire alarm to try and make it shut up. I go to help her and when the screeching finally stops, we collapse at the dining table in a heap. "What was that all about?" I ask.

"Ellie burnt the bacon!" Shouts Courtney, while pointing over at Ellie. It's silent for a split second then we all burst out laughing.

"Wait! Where's Aysha?!" I ask, suddenly panicking.

"Oh, she went out for a ride with mr dreamboat." Ellie says with a roll of her eyes.

"Who??" I question, even though I can give a good guess.

"That curly-haired Harry boy, one of Niall's mates," Ellie explains.

"Ah right," I say, my guess was correct! "So what are our plans for today?"

"Well, I was thinking of going down to that water park, it's not too far away from here," Ellie tells me.

"Sounds good to me! Who else is coming?" I ask.

"I'll definitely come!" Courtney says eagerly.

"I think I'll stay here. I don't really like all them rides and stuff," Mum sighs as she eats her burnt bacon sandwich.

I head back into the bedroom and pick out my outfit. I choose a red bikini with a yellow crop top and some blue shorts, along with a pair of strappy brown sandals. After a shower, I put my outfit on over the bikini and put my hair up in a messy bun. Then I realise that my dressing on my stomach is slightly visible due to my crop top and swap it for a plain yellow t-shirt instead. I don't bother with makeup because my skins quite clear for a change and I don't want my mascara or eyeliner running when I go on the rides. I step outside my bedroom to see that Ellie and Courtney had the same idea. Courtney is dressed in a pair of pink shorts with a white t-shirt that has the peace sign on and you can see a pink bikini top through, from underneath it. Ellie is wearing a blue floral crop top with white bikini straps showing and a pair of white shorts to go with it.

"It shouldn't be too busy today so no queues for the rides!" Ellie says as we head out of the door.

"Great, how are we getting there though?" I ask her.

"Well I thought we could walk, it's not too far away." She tells me. I nod, and follow her down the lane. We walk for about half an hour, through cottages and down winding roads until we reach a big iron gate with a sign saying 'Aqua Water Park.' My leg is killing me already, I don't even know if I'll be able to go on any of the rides. We walk through and meet a guy in a small ticket booth. We pay for our tickets and are given wrist bands. Then we scan them against a metal machine to be let through to the water park.

Courtney drags us towards a massive slide and we go to queue up. There's only about 8 people in front of us, so it doesn't take long for us to be at the front of the queue. Although, I decide not to go on it because of my dressings and sit on a bench at the side of the pool to watch instead. Ellie goes first and slides down on her front, plummeting into the pool at the end. I look up and wait for Courtney to slide down too. "Go on Courtney! You can do it!" I shout up to her.

"I can't! It's too high!" She screams back.

"It's fine, Ellie is there waiting for you at the bottom, nothing bad can possibly happen!" I tell her. She hesitates for a minute before sliding down on her back and meeting Ellie in the pool.

"See it wasn't that bad, was it?" I ask her.

"Nope, thanks guys!" She says and gives us both a big, wet hug.

They climb out of the pool and grab a towel from the rack. Then we make our way over to another ride. It's like a roller coaster, but most of its in water. We all go on it and by the time we get off, we're drenched.

"Hey I'm hungry, do you wanna get something to eat while we dry off for a bit in the sun?" Asks Ellie. We all agree and make our way over to a hotdog and slushy stand. As we wait in the queue to order, I realise that the boy with the blonde hair in front of us looks familiar. His friend turns to him and asks what he's going to order. "Just a regular extra large hotdog with extra fries and a rainbow slushy." He replies with a foreign tinge of an accent his voice. Irish. "Niall!" I find myself shouting with nervous excitement. He turns around and instantly smiles. "Hey Sapphire!" He says and then gives me a big bear hug, still cautious of hurting my stomach. I realise that there's only him and Zayn around and ask where the others are.

"Oh it's just us two today. Harry is out with a friend and Louis said he didn't feel too good so Liam said he would stay home and look after him while we come and check out the water park." Niall explains. We buy our food and all sit down at one of the tables. I dry off as we eat our food and Niall is the first to finish. Then Ellie finishes up, before Zayn, then Courtney and last but not least, me.

"Right, well we best get going, got a lot of rides to check out!" Zayn says laughing.

"Yeah us too," I reply, as we all get up from the table. Niall and I share one last hug before we set off in different directions and Ellie pulls us towards a lazy river. I decide to give this one a pass again and find a bench to sit on and sunbathe. Ellie and Courtney are given plastic, blow up doughnut rings and they strip down to their bikinis. Ellie buys a locker for their clothes and I watch as they float along the river while chatting and having splash wars. At the end, they climb out and go on more slides. We go on pretty much everything that's there. Then I also strip down to my bikini and sunbathe for a bit to dry off and warm up on the sunbeds. "I'm gonna go for a shower, be back in a bit." Ellie says getting up, and walking over to the inside showers.

"I never want this holiday to end!" Courtney declares after a while of awkward silence.

"Me neither, I don't know if I will ever see Niall again after this." I reply.

"I'm sure you will! You and Niall are so close and cute together. It's like you know everything about each other!" Courtney says, smiling at me.

"Maybe," I say, "I'm gonna go to the toilets, they're just past the showers right?" Courtney nods and I make my way into the building.

The showers are in the first half of the building and you have to walk through them to get to the toilets. The female showers are on the left and males are on the right but there's a section in between with benches and lockers - one of which has our clothes in. I decide I may as well get changed while I'm here as we're not going on any more rides but Ellie has the key so I go to the toilet first. Then after I've finished, I go back through the showers and try to look for Ellie. I hop down every block of showers and I can't find her anywhere. Maybe she's gone back to the sunbeds already? It's as I'm making my way out of the shower block and past the lockers that I see it. Ellie. But she isn't alone. She's pushed up against the lockers by some tall boy with blonde hair. And they're full on kissing. Her hands are on his chest and his body is pressed up close to hers. Ellie catches sight of me and pushes the boy away, who then turns around to face me.

"Niall?! How could you?!" I scream at him.

"Wait! I... It's not what it looks like!" Niall says and tries to hold my hand. I pull away and run as fast as I can on my crutches, to the toilets before he can follow me and before I break down in front of anyone. As soon as I lock the door, I can't help but burst into tears. For once, I thought I had found someone who liked me for me. Who loved me. Cared for me. Just genuinely liked me. Obviously not. I had told him things that I have never told anyone before and for all I know he could have told all his mates. For all I know, he could have planned on Harry running me over. Meeting him was a big mistake. But trusting him with my heart was the biggest mistake that I could ever make.

I sit on the toilet seat crying and thinking for what feels like years. Then suddenly, my thoughts are interrupted with a sharp knock at the door. My clothes are pushed through the gap at the bottom of the door along with a note and I hear footsteps walking away from the toilets. I suddenly realise how quiet it is, it must be getting close to closing time. I pick up the note.

I'm so so sorry. I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I hope you can forgive me? Ellie and Courtney had to go back to the villa but if you need a ride I'll be waiting outside the park gates until 7. (It's 6 now and the park closes in half an hour.) I'm so sorry for everything. I can explain if you give me the chance? Niall x

I don't know what to do. I don't feel ready to face Niall yet but I need answers. Plus the fact that I don't want to be walking home in the dark. I may as well give Niall a chance.

I dab at my eyes with toilet paper and get changed into my shorts and crop top and put on my sandals. I sit on the toilet seat for a bit longer and try to calm myself down. When I emerge, it's pretty dark. There are only a couple of people left hanging around and they appear to be drunk. I hop back through the park and towards the gates, trying to stay calm. As I get closer to the exit, I notice a pair of headlights. Niall is sat in the drivers seat but as soon as he sees me, he gets out and walks towards me. I make my way over to him. "Do you need a ride?" He asks. I nod and get into the passenger seat, propping my crutches against the inside of the car door. Niall gets back into the drivers seat but doesn't turn on the engine. "I can explain?" He says.

"I don't even know if I want to hear it." I say, my voice hoarse from crying.

"It didn't mean anything, I promise!" Niall says turning to look at me.

"So why did you do it?" I ask.

"It's complicated. She said that she would tell you things if I didn't do it." He says, dropping his gaze.

"Tell me what?" I demand.

"That I told Harry to run you over that night, which isn't true!" A tear rolls down my cheek. How am I supposed to believe him now?

"Just get me home." I tell him.

Niall starts up the engine of the car and drives to the villa in silence. It's so quiet that I can hardly bare it and turn on the radio. All of me by John Legend is playing and it makes me tear up even more. As soon as he pulls into the drive way, I grab my crutches and get out of the car. Then I hop through the front door without a backwards glance, even though I can hear him calling my name. Courtney shouts through to me from the kitchen but I ignore her and head straight to mine and Aysha's room.

Aysha is already there, sat on her bed and texting away on her phone to someone. She looks up and sees that I've been crying.

"Whoa, what's up?" She asks. I sit opposite her on the bed and tell her everything. I tell her about Niall and Zayn being at the water park, I tell her about Niall and Ellie's kiss, I tell her about what Niall said in the car. I can't control the tears anymore. Aysha hugs me and tries to comfort me but its no good. My boyfriend just kissed my bestfriend. How am I supposed to get over that? I don't even want to think about it. I get changed into my pyjamas and get into my own bed. Tomorrow I'll just stay away from everyone. I can go to the mall or something or even the aquarium. It doesn't matter as long as I'm alone.

Just as I'm drifting off into sleep, Aysha calls my name.

"Hey Saph, I know this probably isn't the right time to tell you but I haven't told the others and I wanted you to know first..."

"What is it?" I ask irritated.

"Harry asked me out today, on the beach. I said yes. I hope you don't mind?" Aysha says nervously into the dark.

"Of course not." I reply. If she wants to get her heartbroken then let her. It's her own decision. I just hope things aren't as bad in this relationship as they were in her last one.

Authors Note:

Hey there, thanks so much for reading so far! I might find it hard to update for a while because school is starting up again and it's going to be CHAOS, trust me. But I shall try my best! Please remember to like and favourite if you think it's worthy. Also comment your thoughts on it because it really helps! That's all for now, byeee :) xx

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