Perfect Summer

The perfect summer. Friends family, sun, everything's going great until the crash. Everything changes in one night. These 5 boys are trouble makers for sure but somehow it feels like we were destined to meet. Can I trust them? Can I trust him? Or will this love cost me my life?


6. A Fun Day at the Beach!

We finally get to our villa and its MASSIVE!! There is a lounge, a study, a really posh tiled kitchen, 3 bedrooms with their own bathrooms, and a back garden with a pool! It is so much bigger than our house back home! We all just stand there in awe for a few minutes. Then it was a mad rush to get first dibs on rooms and beds and unpack and everything. I get my camera out of my handbag and start taking pictures. I love taking pictures. I love being able to capture every precious, beautiful, happy moment. I take a few pictures of the villa and then go to find out where everyone's rooms are.

Mum decides its only right for her to have her own room and kindly takes the smallest of the 3. Ellie and Courtney had already decided to share a room and Aysha had carefully picked out our room. I walk in, camera in one hand, the other dragging my suitcase along behind me. I see Aysha is already unpacking and is currently folding up her clothes and placing them neatly in the draw. "I thought I'd use the draws so you could have the wardrobe?" She says."Yeah, sure" I agree with her.

I start unpacking my things. It's mostly clothes, along with my hair products and wash kit and phone chargers and some other things. It's weird having all my things from home but them not actually being there, in their special places. I start to hang up all my t-shirts, crop tops, shorts, skirts, cardigans and dresses on hangers in the wardrobe and then take out all the other stuff like underwear, hats, bags and put them on the shelf at the top of the wardrobe. After that, I put my washbag in the bathroom, my sunglasses and hair stuff on the bed side cabinet and my shoes at the bottom of my wardrobe. Everything is in its place. I head into the front room and find Ellie watching TV, sitting on the couch, I join her.

"Urgh, there's nothing on here! No good channels or programmes or anything" she's says agitated. I grab the remote and start channel surfing. Ellie is right, there's nothing I recognise on here until I come to one programme. Tom&Jerry! I put it on and we laugh all the way through it. "Wow, we are so mature!" I say, almost in tears. "I know right?" She's replies inbetween laughs. "Well it's getting late, I'm gonna head to bed, I'm exhausted!" I tell her getting up from the super comfy armchair. She agrees and we make our way to our separate bedrooms, sleepily. Aysha is already curled up and fast asleep so I try to be as quiet as I can and fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow.

I wake up and look over at the clock on my bed side cabinet. It says that it is 10 in the morning. It takes me a minute to remember where I am and everything that has happened in the past day. I suddenly think of Niall and the boys. I wonder what they are up to now...

Today, we are heading down to the beach. It's going to be so hot but I plan on getting a tan so it's all good. When everyone is up and ready, we start packing up the car. We are taking sun chairs, blankets, towels, sun cream and a cool box full of food for lunch. I have a bikini on under some pink shorts and a lose floral patterned top. It's got 3/4 length sleeves and it really suits me. My hair is just up in a messy bun and I have my shades on as well as my brown sandals.

We all pile into the car with me in the front passenger seat next to mum and the girls all in the back. I can't wait to get to the beach! I'm bringing a small bag with me, filled with my phone, my sunglasses case, suncream, a book and some earphones. It isn't a very long drive to the beach and it doesn't look too busy either. "Hey, who's going to come in the sea with me?" Courtney asks as we walk down, carrying all our chairs and food.

"I will!" Aysha replies. I hadn't really planned on going swimming to be honest.

"I'm just gonna stay and sunbathe" I tell them.

"Same here" Ellie agrees. The beach is almost deserted! We pick a spot and set up our chairs and blankets and place the cool box in the middle. Since there is nobody near us, I start to take off my shorts, top and sandals, leaving me in my bikini. The other girls have already done the same and Aysha and Courtney are running down the beach to the sea, looking very childish if I do say so. Me and Ellie put our clothes in our bags and lie down on our chairs. It isn't very comfortable, even with a double layered towel between me and the chair. I decide to put up with it. I want to make sure I get a tan while I'm here!

We spend the whole day on the beach, just sunbathing and reading books. Then Courtney runs up to me. "Hey! Come into the sea with us? It's really nice, please!" She yells, grabbing my arm. "Oh fine" I give in and follow my mind-of-a-five-year-old best friend. I can taste the water before I even reach it. It's salty on my lips and the air smells the same. A mini wave rolls up the beach and I stick one foot in. It isn't even too cold? I wouldn't dream of going in the sea at England! It's horrible but this is completely different. The turquoise-blue water laps at my feet, shimmering as it does so. I slowly start walking further in. It gets a bit colder and by the time the water level has reached my waist, there are some pretty big waves!I find Courtney and Aysha in the chaos of it all and we start trying to jump the waves that come to hit us. It's so much fun! At one point, Aysha lies back in the water just as a gigantic wave starts to crash it's way over and she is lost for a split second under the water but she says she's fine. We head back to the beach anyway.

Ellie has fallen asleep and I have to wake her up gently. She groans at me but gets up anyway, putting on her shorts and t-shirt. We start to pack up our stuff and carry it to the car park. I call my mum and she comes to pick us up right away. The chairs and towels and everything go in the boot of the hire car and we all pile into the back.

Just as I'm climbing in, I turn around and see a tall lanky boy with a mop of curly hair along with some others. They are heading down the stairs to the beach. I swear I recognise them but I push it to the back of my mind as we drive off back to the villa.

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