Perfect Summer

The perfect summer. Friends family, sun, everything's going great until the crash. Everything changes in one night. These 5 boys are trouble makers for sure but somehow it feels like we were destined to meet. Can I trust them? Can I trust him? Or will this love cost me my life?


7. A Day Out Shopping...

We get back to the villa and I go straight to bed. It's been a long day and I'm too tired to stay up any longer. Courtney does the same but Aysha and Ellie decide to stay up a bit longer.

I wake up and stretch out my arm and legs, my toes peek out of the covers and it isn't even cold like it normally is in England. Looking over at Aysha's bed, I realise that she isn't up yet. The clock reads 9:37, just right. I get up, trying to be as quiet as I can and make my way over to the wardrobe.

I start planning out my outfit for the day. I choose a blue skirt with white love hearts all over it and a coral vest top to go under a light blue crop top. I leave my outfit lay out on the bed and go for a shower. The ice cold water is soothing on my already burnt back. The heat here is so intense! At least we have air-conditioning all around the villa.

After my shower, I get changed into my outfit. Then I start on makeup. I put on foundation, powder, blusher, eyeliner and mascara. At least now I look a bit more awake and less like a zombie. Aysha suddenly moans but doesn't open her eyes. Instead she turns over and instantly falls back to sleep.

I start brushing my hair, getting rid of all the knots. Then I plait it into a tight side Dutch braid. It isn't my best attempt but it will do. I walk into the lounge and hear a few voices. By the Scottish tinge, I can tell that Ellie is definitely up! "Morning everyone!" I say cheerily as I walk past them and into the kitchen. "Mornin Saph! You ready for today?" Ellie asks me. "Yeah, can't wait!" I reply.

Today we were going shopping in the local mall and then tonight, just us girls were going out for a meal. I don't know many American stores but I'm sure we can have a look around. Mums given me $70 spending money and the other girls have about the same amount.


As we pull up into the car park of the mall, we all gasp. It's massive! I mean, I knew it was big but this is like two football pitches big! "Whoa, this must be twice as big as the Trafford centre!" Ellie says and we all laugh. We walk in through the big main entrance and find ourselves in a huge mass of people. The heat washes over me and I feel lightheaded and dizzy for a moment but I recover and quickly follow the others into a shop called 'Forever 21'. We look around for a while but it's a bit above our age group and none of us are really very keen on the clothes there.

Next we go to a shop called 'American Apparel'. I love all of the clothes there and buy a pink fuzzy crop top, a pair of high waisted denim shorts and a couple of off-shoulder crop tops. One of them has a floral pattern and the other plain black. Ellie buys a pair of tartan, high waisted shorts and a crop top. Aysha buys a pair of denim shorts, similar to mine but in purple and Courtney doesn't buy anything. When we have finished paying, we make our way out and look for another shop to go in. It's so crowded that I lose sight of them for a second but it isn't long before I'm stood behind them again. Ellie spots one called 'Bebe' and drags us in. We aren't in there for too long. I don't buy anything and neither does Aysha but Ellie and Courtney both buy a peplum top. Ellie's is white with a couple of black stripes and Courtney gets one that is similar but in a pale yellow colour.

Not far from here is a shop called 'hair pop' we look around but it's quite expensive and in the end, none of us end up buying anything. "Hey, who's hungry?" Aysha asks. We all agree to finding somewhere for lunch. It's only a small cafe but its really nice and relatively quiet compared to the crowded shops that we've been in so far. I buy a portion of fries as well as a bottle of coke and plop myself down at one of the tables. There aren't any with more than four seats so I sneakily grab another chair from a table nearby and tuck it under ours. The others buy their lunches and join me. I'm the first to finish and get my purse out to see how much money I have left. It's hard to try and count in dollars and cents but eventually I work out that I only have $2.60 left.

"Hey guys, do you think we should head back to the villa after lunch? I haven't got much money left and I want to get ready for tonight!" Everyone agrees and when we have all finished eating, we head back to the villa.

Authors note : Hey there, sorry I haven't updated in a while ! I did have a whole next chapter written but then while I was writing half asleep, I stupidly deleted it all. I refused to write the whole day because I was so annoyed... I couldn't get it back so in the end, I gave up and just decided that I needed to re-write it. All of it. It's taken a while but here you go :) hope you enjoy because I'm so excited about the chapter it's leading up to! Byeee :) xx

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