That Surfer Chick

Jazel is the new girl in town she skates,she surfs and she loves to draw.What happens when she meets five boys, what happens when she starts falling for one of them?

(Harry FanFic)p


7. sleepover

Perrie's P.O.V

I was excited to stay at Jazels house tonight with the girls, it will be great opportunity to get to know Jazel better.

When we arrived at Jazels house I was surprised, it was very modern looking. "wow your house is awesome", I said in awe, "thanks" replied Jazel with a smile.

"Hi girls im Kim", Jazels mum greeted us with a smile, "hey" we all replied at the same time, "well tonight im going to cook you girls a big seafood plater and salads, do you all like that because I can cook something else if you don't want seafood?", Kim said excitedly, "yeah that sounds great, I love seafood", Amy said happily, the rest of us agreeing with her. "yeah thanks mum sounds great, now lets go set up the tent girls" Jazel said excitedly.


Layla's P.O.V

When we got into the backyard there was a massive tent that had a big open area and three bedrooms coming off it. "wow this tent is sick", Eleanor said with a massive smile on her face, "yeah I know right its my brothers though so shhhhh", Jazel said as the girls mildly laughed. "hey we should go night swimming in your pool later?", I suggested "yeah thats a great idea", everyone replied.


Jazels P.O.V

Later that night we all sat around in the open are of the tent just chatting about random things about our life, "hey I cant wait to see Niall tomorrow", Amy squealed everyone burst out laughing, "shut up guys you are so mean to me all the time", Amy joked. "ah why don't you ask him out already?", Eleanor half asked, half suggested "i dunno I just don't thinks he likes me in that way, I mean, why would he?", Amy replied, with a tear rolling down her cheek, "Amy you're gorgeous any guy would be hella lucky to have you", I said sweetly hugging her as the other joined in a massive group hug.



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