That Surfer Chick

Jazel is the new girl in town she skates,she surfs and she loves to draw.What happens when she meets five boys, what happens when she starts falling for one of them?

(Harry FanFic)p


6. Shopping

Jazels's P.O.V

We pulled up at the shopping mall, there was heaps of sale signs out the front. " Oh my god sales!! yessss they have sales" squealed Amy "calm down woman", Perrie laughed walking in the doors of thee mall.

We walked straight to forever 21, " holy shizzz look how gorgeous this dress is", Layla whispered pulling a long flowy, pastel yellow dress with a flower halter neck, "gosh that would look amazing on you" I said smiling feeling the soft material" Yeah and we have that formal coming up soon" Perrie said excitedly " oh yeah try it on", Amy said.

After we left Forever 21 with a couple hundred pieces of clothing we went into  American Apparel, H&M, Hollister and ton of other shops.

Amy's P.O.V

We went and sat down for lunch when I saw Niall with his mum awww hes so cute. I've had a crush on him since 9th grade  hes just so perfect, suddenly his eyes snapped towards me and I quickly looked away then looking back at him. He was walking towards us when he sat down across the table next to Jazel. "hey guys", he said taking Jazels sandwich "hey" we all replied "so whats going on tomorrow, again?" he asked,, Perrie was obviously excited so she quickly chimed in " we haven't actually decided yet but I thought we could go to this really cool water-pool thing that I found a little while ago, you guys will love it its so pretty!", "ok sure sounds good I will let the boys know", He replied getting up and leaving





Authors Note
I am so so so sorry to anyone who enjoyed this book from the beginning, My laptop broke and I had to get a new one and it took a long time I am so sorry to anyone who was dedicated to reading this book.

Love from Zoe


Amy's P.O.V

"So who's house are we staying at tonight?", I asked taking a sip of my watermelon smoothie, "well my mum said that we should stay at mine and camp in the backyard, we have these awesome tents", Jazel replied "yes, that sounds awesome I love camping", Layla replies excitedy "ok i'll text my mum", Jazel said grabbing her phone out of her bag.










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