That Surfer Chick

Jazel is the new girl in town she skates,she surfs and she loves to draw.What happens when she meets five boys, what happens when she starts falling for one of them?

(Harry FanFic)p


4. Good Friends

Today is Friday already this week has gone so fast, its fourth period so we have lunch after this. I am so bored i hate Math with a passion it sucks its so boring. I was distracted from my thoughts from someone tapping on my shoulder it turned around to face Anna and Mia the biggest stuck up bitches out! I hate them so much and I've only been at this school for five days!! "hey slut", Anna said standing next to my seat, "excuse me" i said sanding up, im a little taller than her so i used it to my advantage and stood close to her "you're excused" she whined "ya slut" Mia chimed in "you better watch your mouth you stupid cunt!" i spat back at her "ew you're gross" they said then sat back down, "yeah that's what i thought" i said sitting back in my seat not even bothered with what they think about me.

At lunch when the other came and sat down with " we should all go shopping together this weekend?", Amy suggested "yes that's a great idea" we all replied, "so did you guys want to go tomorrow or on Sunday?" i asked, Eleanor instantly relpied "why don't we go shopping tomorrow and then we could have a sleepover and on Sunday me and Perrie where gonna hang out with the guys we could all hang out with the guys?"," yeah sounds good to me" Perrie said "the boys?" i questioned "oh yeah we have guy friends that we also hang out with Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Niall"," oh yeah i know those guys they're cool im cool with that" i said taking a bite of my salad sandwich " how do you know the guys?" Layla asked " well i met Niall in the office on Monday morning and that arvo i went to the beach for a surf and he was there with his friends and he introduce me to them", "oh well that's cool that you know them", "yeah"


Hey guys im just gonna thank yous again for reading and please comment below what you think or any advice you have for me because im new at this and definatly need some of your feedback

~Zoe :)

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