That Surfer Chick

Jazel is the new girl in town she skates,she surfs and she loves to draw.What happens when she meets five boys, what happens when she starts falling for one of them?

(Harry FanFic)p


2. First day at her new school.

When i got to school i was really excited to be at a new school, because its a change and i like change...sometimes. i walked in the front gates skate board in hand and headed for the front office. When i got to the front office there was a lady sitting behind a big white desk that said "Los Angeles High School" on the front in glossy black letters."hi im new here", i said to lady in a nice voice,"oh, hello im Mrs. Delight welcome to Los Angeles High", "uh thanks I guess" i  replied not knowing what to say "whats your name?", asked Mrs. Delight "uh I'm Jazel Thomas", "okay wait where you for a second I will be back take a seat over there", she replied pointing to a purple and blue lounge. I walked over and took a seat, while i was waiting for Mrs. Delight to come back a really cute blonde boy walked into the office and walked over and sat down on the couch next to me "hey" he said,"hey" i replied. "im Niall" he spoke in a accent which i thought was Irish "oh, hey im Jazel nice to meet you" just then Mrs. Delight walked back in and signaled me to walk over to her. I got up with my bag and skate board and walked over to her. "Here is you time table, a map of the school, your locker is marked on the map and this is your locker code" Mrs. Delight explained handing me the papers.

I walked out of the office and headed towards where my locker is and found it quite easily. When i got to my locker there where a few girls getting stuff out of the lockers next to mine. I waked over to locker 182 and put in the code and with a click it popped open and i shoved all my books into the locker. I had 3 copies of my timetable so i put one in my locker. I was about to look at my timetable when one of the girls that had a locker next mine said " hey im Amy, im guessing you're new here because i haven't seen you before?' she asked with a warm, friendly smile, "yeah i am new here, oh and my names Jazel", i replied "nice to meet you, and this is Perrie", Amy said pointing to a girl with blonde hair and pink tips, i smiled friendly at her "and this is Layla and Eleanor" she said pointing to two girls who both had dark brown hair."hey" i smiled at them "what class are you in?' asked Layla, "uhmm" i mumbled as i glance down at my timetable class:11S "uhh im in 11S" I replied, "omg really so are we, you can sit with us in class if you want?" Perrie said excitedly "sure" i replied and checked what classes with have for period 1 and 2.Jazel grabbed her English and her Science book and headed off to class with Amy,Perrie,Layla and Eleanor.




Hey guys its Zoe thanks for reading I really appreciate it. This is my first movella fan fic so if its not very good im sorry but I hope you keep reading.

Thanks guys


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