That Surfer Chick

Jazel is the new girl in town she skates,she surfs and she loves to draw.What happens when she meets five boys, what happens when she starts falling for one of them?

(Harry FanFic)p


3. After School.

When i got home i went upstairs and layed on my bed, i decided to go for a surf since my mum was at work and my brother Beau didn't get home till 4:40. I changed into a white triangle bikini that had pink and redish colored flowers on it, my white converse and denim shorts. I put my longish dark brown hair in a messy bun and grabbed my wetsuit, sunglasses, towel, phone and my car keys and shoved them into my neon pink backpack. I grabbed my white surfboard which had a neon pink grip and said rip-curl in black with black fins, and put it in the back of my aqua combi van.


Niall p.o.v

After school me and the lads decided to go to the beach for the afternoon seeing its so hot. When we got to the beach we got a table and sat around for a while. "so has anyone seen that girl in 11S she's in the same class as Eleanor?", Louis asked, "yeah I seen her she had a skateboard and she's so hot ", said harry "oh her yeah I met her in the office this morning her names Jazel she heaps hot I could see you with her harry", I said with a laugh and the others joined in laughing.


Jazel's p.o.v

When I pulled up at the beach I noticed I had pulled up in front of that Niall guy I met this morning it think he's with his friends. I turned off the van a noticed they where all looking at me "hey Niall" I smiled "oh, hey Jazel uhh these are my friends Louis, Liam, Zayn and that's Harry" he said pointing to each of them I smiled back at them but danm Harry is hot I looked at the surf and it was perfect I checked in my phone to see how long the surf will be this good "two hours" I mumbled to myself as I tuned off my phone "huh?" Niall asked "oh nothing" I replied turning and walking to the back door of my van and pulled out my surf board and put it on the grass next to the guys table. " You surf?" asked Louis "yeah aha" I said back with a chuckle "so do I" replied Liam "oh cool do you go out much?" I asked grabbing my bag out of my car "not realy" he replied "oh". I took off my shorts and I could feel them staring at me I laughed to myself pulling on my wetsuit. I grabbed my wax and put it on my board I locked up my car and walked onto the beach. I hid my bag in a grassy part of the beach, zipped up my wetsuit and put my ankle strap on and headed out to the surf.


Harry's p.o.v

Danm Jazel is hot she has amazing boobs, shut up harry stop being a pervert. We watched Jazel as she surfed and shit is she good "wow Jazel is an awesome surfer" Liam said "yeah and shes hot and she skateboards" I said "haha Harrys got a cru-u-shh" Louis chanted being his immature self. Jazel's getting out of the water but danm shes something.


Jazel's p.o.v

I got out of the water grabbed my bag and headed up to my car. When I got there the boys where still sitting there chatting " wow Jazel you're an amazing surfer" Harry said giving my a wink and smirking at me "thanks" I mumbled trying to hide that I was blushing by walking to the back of my van and leaning my board on the ground and drying myself. I took of my  wetsuit and put my shorts on with a peach colored kimono and put my board in the back of my van. I put on my backpack and walked over to the beach café/shop. I got a takeaway banana smoothie and left the shop I called my mum.

(M= Mum, J= Jazel)

J-hey mum it me
M-oh hey Jazel I wondered where you went im glad you called
J-yeah I forgot to leave you a note but I just went for a surf but im gonna come home in 10
M-oh okay well I will see ya then
J-ok bye










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