Trying for revenge

It took me moments to take in what happened and replay it.

The only thing i could say was they'll come back.

Those three words seemed like the only thing that could comfort me.I know deep inside that there dead but I don't want to Believe it. Looking at there dead bodies just lying there breathless, makes me just wanna scream. But then it dawned on me the boy.

Adrianna Brown has just been through the shock of her life. She just witnessed her parents death. Or should she say murder, she saw what happened a boy killed them.
Shes now living with her grandparents in a new town to start a new life.
But that's not the case, she keeps having dreams of that one night. But now shes seen his face, this time she'll remember it and kill him. But the moment she finally finds the mystery man she can't help not to be attracted to him............

A/N: Give it a try please its a Harry styles fanfiction I've never written one before so bare with me.


1. Prologue


I woke up and went downstairs. I saw my parents talking to some guy who looked a little older than me. I stopped in the middle of steps when i heard them say my name. I quickly went under the bed that was in the living room. I know weird right? Bed in living room?anyways, I looked up and continued listening to the conversation. The boy said " but you owe my father 500 grand." My father looked worried " I know, but we just have to tell our daughter whats going on first." My mom said fastly. " we'll I'm afraid thats not going to happen " he said while pulling out something out if his pocket. I couldn't make out the image of what he had. A knife? A gun? A book?
I saw my mom try to run up stairs but -bang bang. I immediately knew that the object he had was a gun. I wanted to cry and sob. Bu i covered my mouth instead so he wouldn't hear me. He shot my father too. I swear he  saw me under the bed. But didn't do anything. He walked out the door and left. Wrenched sobs came out of my body, trying to process everything that happened.

i crawled out from under the bed and immediately called 911.

****2 months later****

i knew my story would be on the news but i didn't  care. They put me in a foster home with several other kids. I haven't met them yet and i don't plan on it. Mrs. Miranda ( person who takes me to new homes) told me that this is the last chance there giving me or else I'm going to jail. I got kicked out of the other house for " being bad." 

As we were driving to the new home she tried to make conversation but i ignored her. We got there like 20 minutes later. The first thing she did was introduce me to the kids. The first one was

 Danielle,then Rosette, adejia,Eleanor and last Harry. The last one was the one who caught my attention. He looked exactly like the boy who killed my parents. I know its him. That's why I'm starting my revenge.




Hii people's, i posted this story because i really liked the plot but i don't know anymore.

tell me what you think in the comments.



- Olivia 






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