Lucy Barrett is an ordinary teenager in an ordinary world.
Or so she thinks.
But when her fingerprints appear on stolen artefacts around the world, she's having a hard time proving her innocence, even when the best inspector in the world is on her case.


1. Prologue

It was a foggy morning.

Cold, too.

Much colder than he was used to. 

Coming from San Francisco, in eastern California, he had never felt these temperatures. His hands, bright red from the biting wind, clutched a small piece of lined paper, with an address written on it in his scrawly handwriting. 

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew off his hat, causing him to chase it down the train station platform. Not that it mattered. It was quiet. Almost no people where there. He caught his hat with a flourish, and placed it back on his head. He'd need it, to keep him warm. 

He was striding around now, impatient. This was one of the hardest cases he'd ever had. It was the case of Lucy Barrett.

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