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121. Covers for Mirlotta


So I went with a sort of grey theme for all of these. Two have your name on, and one doesn't as there wasn't really anywhere to put it. :) I  hope you like them, but there's no pressure to use them if you don't. :)



Everyone's the same, everything's the same, individuality is repressed... 




I liked this image because it sort of shows how even though the girl is beautiful, she's pretty ghastly on the inside. Oh, and this one doesn't have your name. (I could make up a multitude of reasons I didn't put it on, but really it just didn't fit. XD )




This one is in the same groove as the others, in that it's all grey (apart from your name) and individuality is repressed, and it's all depressing... I also threw a hissy fit at my fonts because they all looked awful. :) In the end I just wrote it by hand. (Well, by mouse.)



So those are the three I made. Again, I hope you like them but no offence shall be taken if you choose not to use them. :) Also, any suggestions are warmly welcomed. (Aren't I a lovely person? XD )

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