Real hollywood

Ella is a normal girl who wants to be an actress, her friend Bianca tells her to sign up for the hottest trending reality show 'heart attack' that is about finding that special someone but Ella finds out that there was more to her so called best friends plan then just getting her a boyfriend, this story includes betrayal, romance, action, drama and stardom


1. heart attack

Ella's p.o.v

The club is humid from peoples sweat, my best friend Bianca is talking to this guy before she heads over to me

Bianca:"hey girl! I have amazing news!"

She says over the music

Bianca: "this guy called trench has got you a spot on heart attack!" She's squealing and jumping around like she just won the lottery

Then a tall guy with black hair comes strolling over I recognise him he's the host of heart attack

Trench:"Hey Ella I'm trench and I'm offering you a chance to met your dream guy on this years heart attack"

Ella:I don't know Bianca I don't want to go on that reality shit it's all fake!" I say and the truth is I don't want to go on it at all

Bianca:"Please do it for me you don't have to choose any of the guys you can take the money and leave instead" she says trying once again to persuade me

Ella:" fine for you, but don't get your hopes up because I'm not really looking for someone right now"

I was defeated but I told Bianca id do it. it might be fun and even might boost my acting career some how. trench gave me a contract and I signed it tomorrow I was leaving home to go on to heart attack, oh brother!

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