Truth Or Dare

Lets play a game. 8 players, 2 choices. Pick truth- punishment less severe, Pick dare- and be prepared.


1. Intro

Lets play a game: Truth or Dare: 8 players, 2 choices. 



Choice: Truth or Dare, but beware each one comes with consequences. Some maybe fun, while others maybe agonizing. 


Quitting: You can't, if you quit, you die. 


Contestants for this section: 

1. Claire: 16 years old, black hair, green eyes, female. Dare. 

2. Paige: 19 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, female. Dare.

3. Katie: 18 years old, black hair, grayish colored eyes, female. Truth.

4. Hilary: 19 years old, pink hair, brown eyes, female. Truth. 

5. Alexander: 20 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, male. Dare.

6. John: 19 years old, black hair, blue eyes, male. Truth.

7. Thomas: 18 years old, blonde hair, brown eyes, male. Dare. 

8. Marcus: 16 years old, black hair, hazel eyes, male. Truth.



Unknown: wears all black clothing and wears a gas masks to where their face can't be seen. Also uses a voice cover up, never heard or seen. 


"Let's play a game shall we," the host laughs. "You all volunteered so the consequences are all on yourselves. I am not to blame for any injuries, you brought this all onto yourselves. So now you will go one by one and choose: truth or dare." 


"Dare," Claire said. 

"Dare," Paige said also.

"Truth," Katie said.

"Truth," Hilary said.

"Dare," Alexander responded. 

"Truth," John replied. 

"Dare," Thomas said.

"Truth," Marcus said.


"You have all chosen," the host responded then he through a can of some kind of gas into the room causing all of them to go all black out. When they woke up the four players who had chosen Dare woke up in a room. The other four woke up in a different room. Each door had a note on it. 



Congrats, you chose the better the choice. Your consequences and actions will be less severe but It still will be painful and unpleasant. Have fun.

  ~Your Host



Lets play a fun game. You have chosen the more severe one. Which in my case will be fun. You will be watched so you can't cheat. Each quest will have a certain amount of time that you can complete it, if not you die. Good luck. 

 ~Your Host

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