Truth Or Dare

Lets play a game. 8 players, 2 choices. Pick truth- punishment less severe, Pick dare- and be prepared.


3. Chapter Two



Everyone woke up in a different room. Claire and Paige were up first. They noticed their cuts had been cleaned and stitched up. This confused most of them, the guys got up and they all looked at each other.


"This makes no sense," Paige says. 

"I agree," Thomas added. 

"He is trying to torture us, but he stitched and cleaned our wounds." Claire started. 

"Seems he doesn't want to kill us, just have fun torturing us," Alexander said. 


"Glad to see your all awake," the intercom came on. "So the first task wasn't to bad, but they will get worse. I am not planning on killing any of you, but disobey me and I will without hesitation. Just remember I can hear and see everything you do. I will give you a little more time to adjust, then I will tell you your next task." 


Claire hugged Paige. She was the youngest, and she was scared. They had no idea what was going to happen. Then the intercom came back on. 


"So," The voice says. "Time for task number two. There is a timer somewhere in this room. It will give you a warning at 30 minutes, 10 minutes, and 5 minutes. One of you have a chip implanted into your leg. Meaning this one will be way more painful. I will not tell you who it is, and you can't feel it so have fun. You have 3 hours for this one. Good luck." 


Everyone looked at each other. 

"We went first last time," Thomas said, "that means it's the girls turn."

"Oh stop being such a wuss," Alexander said. 

"Well it's true," Thomas responded again. 

"You are a wimp, I'll go first," Alexander looked at the girls. 


They found a scalpel laying around and Thomas dug into Alexander's leg. Alexander scream as Thomas dug deeper. Finally he was all the way down to the bone, and there was nothing. Alexander took off his shirt and tied it around his leg. He laid there in pain. Thomas went next, and the chip was found in his leg. They didn't know what to do with the chip, but all of a sudden, everything went black again. 




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