Truth Or Dare

Lets play a game. 8 players, 2 choices. Pick truth- punishment less severe, Pick dare- and be prepared.


4. Chapter Three

~Truth~ ~Girls~


They all sat around looking at each other just waiting on the guy to come on the intercom, but he didn't. Everyone just sat and looked at each other. No one said anything, but their door opened, so they all got up and ran. The light was blinding, and it took their eyes a minute to adjust. Did the 'host' hit a button by accident or was this just another part of his game? Hilary stopped and looked around there were three different hallways, and a flight of stairs. Katie and Hilary decided to take the stairs, and the guys went separate ways. There had to be a way out of here. 

"This is so messed up," Katie commented. 

"If you haven't noticed we are all kind of messed up in our own way, this guy is just a damn freak." 


The girls decided to be quiet as the snuck up the stairs. They went into the first room, and froze. Neither one of them moved, the 'host' was standing in front of them, but he hadn't seen them. He was staring at computer screens. Claire was laying on the ground out cold with the rest of them. Katie got very mad about this, and she ran towards the guy and attacked him. 


~Truth~ ~Boys~


The boys heard the girls scream, so they took off running back towards the stairs, and ran up them. When they got up the stairs the girls were in the first room on the right. As soon as they tried to help the girls the door was slammed in their face and the girls scream again. This didn't seem like it would end well. Both of the boys slammed into the door trying to break it down, but it wouldn't budge. They gave up on that and ran off to find the others. When they found the room that said "dare" on it they got it open and headed out with everyone. 


"Where are Katie and Hilary?" Claire asked. 

"Stuck in a room with the guy." John said. 

"What!" Claire yelled. "We have to save them."

"We are, you aren't. You guys are going to get out of here. Go." 


Claire and Paige took off. John and Marcus looked at the other two guys and explained everything they had seen. 


~Claire & Paige~


Both girls searched room after room trying to find the way out, but were having no luck. 

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