Truth Or Dare

Lets play a game. 8 players, 2 choices. Pick truth- punishment less severe, Pick dare- and be prepared.


2. Chapter One


"So lets begin," the Host said over an intercom. The intercom came on in the 'Truth Room' he began to speak again. "Since you chose truth your first task will be something simple. Everyone will have 2 hours to tell each other your deepest darkest secret to each other. Whoever doesn't tell their secret will end up dying. You have two hours and I'll be watching you." 


Everyone looked at each other, no one said anything.

"So, I'll go first," Katie said. "When I was just becoming a teenage girl my stepfather rapped me. Over and over. I tried to tell my mom but she never believed me. I ran away from home, and lived off of the streets. I was a runaway and no one cared about me." She began to cry. 


"I was a prostitute by the age of 14 because of my family selling me for drug money," Hilary said. 

"You must be a lot of fun," John joked. 

"Shut the hell up!" Hilary hit him. 

"Sorry," he said. 


"I killed my little brother while I was doing drugs," Marcus said, and he looked down. 

"How old are you Marcus?" Katie asked. 

"16," he said.

"Same age as my sister Claire."

"Wait Claire is your sister? You guys look nothing alike." Marcus added. 

"I know," Katie said. 


Everyone looked at John, he was only one who hadn't confessed. 

He sighed, "I killed my parents because they were always fighting and always cheating on each other. My mother was a hooker, so I slowly killed her. I killed about 20 prostitute women. But no worries Hilary I won't kill you unless my life depends on it." 

Hilary gave him a dirty look. 




"Lets have a little fun shall we?" The hosts said into the 'Dare Room' as he laughed. "As you all know you were all unconscious. While you were asleep I planted a key inside of everyone of you. All in the same spot, but only one key opens the door. You have 3 hours to retrieve the key out of your body and unlock the door, if the key isn't inserted by when time is up, there will be a very harsh consequence. One more thing, you may only use the stuff in that room. Good luck." 


"What kind of shit is this?" Paige asked. 

"No idea," Claire said. 

"Sounds like we need to figure out where the hell the keys are at." Thomas butted in. 

"How?" Claire asked. 

"Feel your body and feel for a bump. It's bound to be able to be felt." 


They all began to search for the key. Paige was the first one to find the location, right below the collarbone. Now, they just had to find a way to get it out, there wasn't very much in the room, nothing sharp. But then they found a small knife. The guys decided to go first, but neither one of theirs fit. So Paige went next, hers was a no too. Claire panicked, and had Paige cut hers out. Her key unlocked it but when the door opened, a gas was released into the room and everyone blacked out.  


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