Magcon Imagins

-Nash Grier
-Cameron Dallas
-Matt Espinosa
-Taylor Caniff
-Hayes Grier
-Jack Johnson
-Jack Gilinsky
-Shawn Mendes
-Carter Reynolds
-Aaron Carpenter


10. Shawn Imagine

"YOUR NEVER THERE FOR ME SHAWN!" I yelled. "OH IM SORRY THAT I'M ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING WITH MY LIFE!" He yelled. I stopped yelling and stared at him. Tears started running down my face as I sat down on the floor against the wall. "I'm so sorry babe I didn't mean that. I was just mad." He said coming over to me. "I love you (y/n) and I would never try to hurt you." He cried. I looked up and saw him with his head in his hands and crying. "No babe don't cry." I said putting my arms around him. He looked up at me and brought my eyes to his. "I love you Shawn." I said. "I love you too (y/n)." He said before placing his lips on mine.

-the end

{Sorry it's short}

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