Magcon Imagins

-Nash Grier
-Cameron Dallas
-Matt Espinosa
-Taylor Caniff
-Hayes Grier
-Jack Johnson
-Jack Gilinsky
-Shawn Mendes
-Carter Reynolds
-Aaron Carpenter


2. Matt Imagine

"You ready Emma?" Matt called from downstairs. "Yeah I'm coming." I said. I put my long blond hair in a messy bun and ran downstairs. I was wearing fuzzy socks, gray sweatpants, and a black and white T-shirt with a zebra on it. Matt and I were going to have a movie night and I was all ready. I walked into the family room and he gave me a quick kiss. "I'm gonna get the popcorn. Be back babe." He said. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. I scrolled through the movies on Netflix. "Hey can we watch a horror movie?" Matt asked walking in with the popcorn. "No." I said taking the popcorn from him. He sat down next to me. "By why?" He wined. "Because, you know how I get scared easily." I said. "Please? I'll be here if you need to be comforted." He said putting his arms out. "Fine." I said rolling my eyes. I fell into his arms and he held me close. The movie started and it actually wasn't that scary. I relaxed a little, but soon tightened up and hid my face in Matt's shoulder. He rubbed my back and kissed the top of my forehead. "Don't be scared baby, it's all fake." He whispered. I continued to watch it. Another really scary part came on and I yelped a little. "It's okay." He said reassuringly. By the time the movie was over I was terrified. Matt turned the TV off and carried me bridal style to my room. He placed me down in my bed and put the covers over me. He kissed me goodnight and turned for the door. "Wait Matt." I said stoping him. He turned around. "Yes darling?" He asked. "I'm scared. Can you stay with me?" I asked. He smiled. "Sure." He said. He walked back over to my bed and I moved over. He scooted in next to me and smiled. I smiled back. "Thank you baby." I said kissing him nose. "Your welcome, anything for you." He said. We kissed goodnight again and then fell asleep.

-the end

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