Magcon Imagins

-Nash Grier
-Cameron Dallas
-Matt Espinosa
-Taylor Caniff
-Hayes Grier
-Jack Johnson
-Jack Gilinsky
-Shawn Mendes
-Carter Reynolds
-Aaron Carpenter


15. Jack G Imagine

"OMG this is so exciting!" I said to my best friend Haley. "I know right! I can't believe this is actually happening!" She said. We were in line to meat the Magcon family! "Gilinsky is gonna fall head over heals for me." I said. "And the Nash will fall head over heals for me." Haley squealed. 'Jack and Sophia.' I thought it sounded perfect. We finally got up there to meat them and my heart was racing. "Um hi I love you do much." Was all I managed to say. Stupid. "Hey, what's your name?" He asked. "Sophia." I said. "A pretty name for a pretty girl." He said smirking. I blushed. He sighed my phone case and then I gave him a hug and got a picture. But when he hugged me I felt him put something in my back pocket. As I walked to Cameron I looked at the thing he put in my pocket. IT WAS HIS NUMBER!! I tried to keep myself calm wile I got pictures with the rest of them before running off to Haley to tell her.

-the end

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