Magcon Imagins

-Nash Grier
-Cameron Dallas
-Matt Espinosa
-Taylor Caniff
-Hayes Grier
-Jack Johnson
-Jack Gilinsky
-Shawn Mendes
-Carter Reynolds
-Aaron Carpenter


5. Hayes Imagine

(Diana's POV):

I just got home from my gymnastics meet were I got 2nd place all around and I was going to go in the shower. I got in the bathroom and took of my black and silver leotard with green swirls at the top and hopped into the shower. After I got out I put on my zebra t-shirt, black sweatpants, gray puma socks, light pink baby lips, a little bit of blush, and some mascara. I dried my long brown curly hair and put it in a messy high ponytail. I went downstairs to our kitchen and sat down at the table. "Congrats Diana. You are one amazing gymnast." My dad, Mark, said. "Yes honey we are very proud of you." My mom, Liz, said. "I want to be just like you went I'm your age." My 6 year old sister Megan said. Megan does gymnastics too but she needs one more year and then she can do competitions. I started when I was 4 years old and created a love for the sport at age 6 so I started to compete. Now at only 13 years old I have 28 trophies and 36 ribbons. I also have my best friend Amber with me all the time. We met at gymnastics when we were 5 and then joined the same team and we are now both in level 8, and are quite proud of it and so are my parents. "Thanks guys." I said as my mom set down the bowl of spaghetti in front of me. After dinner I went up to my room and called Amber. Call:

D: Good Night Amber.

A: Good Night Diana

We then hung up. It's kind what we do at night. We call and just say good night. I went downstairs to go get some candy. I came back to my room and went on my Mac Book. I went on Instagram and saw that I gained 73 more followers. I went on Nash Grier's page and saw that he got to 5 million followers! Okay that is just crazy. I commented on his last picture 'Congrats on 5 million popsicle!'. I call him popsicle because two summers ago him, Hayes, and I were eating popsicles and Nash dropped his on himself. It was hilarious. The three of us have a lot of great memories. I've bin besties with them since I was a little tiny baby because our moms were really good friends in collage. We learned how to walk together, how to talk together, how to hit people together. Nash would refuse to do anything until Hayes and I did it, so he was a little late with things since Hayes and I are three years younger than him. Our first words were each other names. I didn't really see Will a lot, and Skylynn and Megan weren't born yet. Sky came into the picture 4 years ago and Megan came in 6 years ago. They get along really well and all of us were always together until my family moved out of North Carolina and into New York. Now don't get me wrong I love New York but I really miss the Grier's. I went back onto my page and looked at my number of followers. Not even close to 5 million. I had 196k. *bling bling, bling bling*. My laptop was going off. I looked to see what it was. It was Skype, Hayes was trying to skype me. I accepted it and laid down on my stomach with my feet in the air. "Hey crazy nugget. What up?" He said. "Nothing much. How 'bout you insane chicken." I said giggling. "Insane chicken?!" He said. I laughed. "Yup, deal with it." I said. "Fine. So how was your gymnastics meet?" He asked. "Great. I got 2nd place all around." I said getting off of my bed to get the trophy. "Nice." He said as I showed it to him. I put it back on the self and sat back down on my bed. "Be right back." He said. "Kk." I said. He got off his bed and left the room. He came back 4 minuets later with a bowl of popcorn. "Oh really your going to do this to me?" I said smiling. "Hey, if I could pass some through the computer I would." He said eating another handful. "Okay, your coming with me." I said picking up my laptop and going downstairs and into the kitchen. I set the laptop down on he island and went to the pantry to get popcorn I put it in the microwave and sat down at the island to wait." So how's it bin?" I asked. "Good good." He said. "How's Sky and Nash?" I asked. "There great. Here do you want to see Sky?" He replied. "Sure." I said.

(Hayes' POV):

I brought my laptop to Skylynn's room. She was in bed since it was 9:00. She sat up and I turned the light on. Her face lit up when she saw her. "Diana!" She said waving to the camera. "Hey Sky." She said. "Where's Megan?" Sky asked. "You want to see her?" Diana asked. "Yes." Sky said clapping her hands and smiling. She walked upstairs and into Megan's room. She was sitting in bed reading. "Meg someone wants to see you." Diana said turning the computer to see Megan. "Skylynn!" She said thrilled to see her. "Hi Megan." She said smiling and waving. "Okay, Skylynn say bye." I said. "Bye." She said. I took the computer and went back into my room so Sky could go back asleep. Diana went back downstairs to get the popcorn. "K, I finally got the goodness." She said holding the popcorn up. I laughed. She went back to her room and sat down on her bed. "Mom wants to know if your going to bed now." Nash said walking into my room. "Tell her I'm on Skype with Diana." I told him. "Hey Nash." She said. He walked over so that she could see him. "Hey Diana." He said. "Goodbye Nash." I said making him leave. **One hour later**. "I'm going to bed now. What are you going to do?" Diana's mom said walking into her room. "Can I stay on here with Hayes tonight?" She asked. "Sure it's not like you have school tomorrow, and I know you guys miss each other so so much." Her mom said. "Thanks mom." She said as her mom left. "Our all nighter starts now." I said laughing. She giggled. "I really do miss you Hayes. A lot." She said with tone sadness in her eyes. I sighed. "I miss you too Diana." We pretty much talked about useless things until 12:00 am. I took out my phone went to Instagram to take a video. "Diana say hi to Instagram." I said holding my thumb on the record button. "Hey guys." She said waving and smiling. She reached other to her night stand and got her phone. "You're crazy Hayes." She said laughing. "I know I am but what are you?" I asked still recording. "INSANE!" She said leaning into the camera. We both laughed and the video stopped. I watched it to make sure it was good. It was so I posted it. I wrote ' Love ya you crazy nugget. @Diana_pagieee '. She was on here phone too but I wasn't sure was she was doing. I went on here page and saw new video. I looked at it and it was the same video as the one I took but from here side of the computer. She wrote 'All nighter with this insane chicken. Love ya bro. @hayes_instagram '. I liked it and commented 'Love you too sis'.

(Diana's POV):

I went on Hayes' page and saw a new video. It was the one he took a few minuets ago. I wrote ' Love you too'. I exited the app and checked the time. It was exactly 12:25. I put my phone down and looked up at Hayes. "So what now?" I asked. "Well I don't know about you, but I'm getting some candy." He said getting off of his bed and putting the laptop in his hands. "Me too." I said picking up my laptop. We both went downstairs really quietly trying not to wake anyone up. I got into the kitchen and went to the pantry. I grabbed skittles, kit kats, sour patch kids, and nerds. I went back upstairs and closed my door. I opened up the nerds and started eating them. "Hahaha nerds for the nerd." Hayes said laughing. "I'm not a nerd!" I said. **4 hours later**. "Ugh Hayes I'm so tired. Come on its 4:30 in the morning, can I please go to sleep?" I said laying my head down in the pillow. "Nope, get up. Come on only two more hours." He said smiling. "Ok ok fine." I groaned and lifted my head up. He laughed. "I hate you, you know that?" I said taking a sip of my water. "Yup, but did you know that I hate you more." He asked smiling. "Well did you know that I love you more?" I asked now laughing. "No I think I love you more my beautiful bestie." He said. We laughed. "I miss you, and Nash." I said my face dropping. "I miss you too and I'm 99.9999% sure that Nash does too." He said. We then talked about the most randomest things ever for and hour and a half. "Hayes, Hayes, guess what?!" I asked the very tired Hayes. "What's up?" He asked. "Only a half an hour left." I told him. "Right when we hang up I'm going right to sleep." He said. "Copy that." I said. I heard a knock on my bedroom do so I went to go see who it was. I opened the door and there was Megan standing there still in her pjs and she had her stuffed dog in her arms. "Can I stay in here with you?" She asked. "Sure sweets." I said picking her up and carrying her over to my bed. "I Hayes." She said as I sat her down on my lap. "Hey cutie." He said. "Is Skylynn up yet?" She asked him. "I'll go see." He said leaving the room. He came back with Skylynn in his arms. "Sky!" Megan said happily. "Hi Megan!" She said with a smile on her face. They talked for about 20 minuets and then they both wanted to watch TV so we both had to go downstairs and turn on our TVs for them. It was. Now 6:27. "Only 4 more minuets." I said. "I can't wait to come and visit in a few months. Then we can have all nighters in person." He said. "Yup, like always." I said smiling. It was now 6:28. "Hayes?" I said. "Yeah?" He answered. I sighed. "I want to move back to North Carolina." I said. "I want you to move back to North Carolina too." He said. I got out my phone and went to Instagram just as the digits changed to 6:29. I took a picture of the computer with Hayes on it and me in the top left hand corner. I guess he took a picture too because I heard a camera go off. I put the caption 'This is our last few seconds of seeing each other's faces and hearing each other's voices until in a few months when we can see each other in person. I love you Hayes. @hayes_instagram'. I posted as the time turned to 6:30. "Bye Hayes, I love you." I said. "Bye Diana, I love you too. See you soon." He said back. "1…2…3…see you." We both said at the same time as we hit the end button. I sat there for a few seconds realizing that I was really sad. I went on Hayes' page and saw his last post. The picture of the last few seconds. The caption was 'I miss you already. @diana_pagieee'. I looked at the time, 6:31.

The End

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