Magcon Imagins

-Nash Grier
-Cameron Dallas
-Matt Espinosa
-Taylor Caniff
-Hayes Grier
-Jack Johnson
-Jack Gilinsky
-Shawn Mendes
-Carter Reynolds
-Aaron Carpenter


8. Carter Imagine

"Hey Carter, let's go on the Ferris wheel." I said taking his hand and pulling him to the Ferris wheel. "Okay okay." He said as we got into a seat. I giggled and we started to move. We got up to the top and we looked over at the view of the carnival. "I have the best best friend ever." I said smiling. "Um yeah about that." He said rubbing the back of his neck. "Yes?" I asked wanting him to go on. "Well Isabel, I kind if think we should be more than best friends." He said." A smile spread across my face. "Carter are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" I asked. "Yeah." He nervously said. I giggled. "Of course I'll be your girlfriend." I said rapping my arms around his neck, and he rapped his arms around my waist. We let go and stared into each other's eyes. He cupped my face in his hands and our lips crashed together. It was amazing. His smile broke it and we pulled apart. "I'm so glad I can call you mine." He said smiling. "Same here." I giggled.

-the end

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