Perries Little Sister (ON HOLD SORRY!!!)

Hi i am Hannah Edwards. Yes I am Perrie Edwards younger sister. We live with one direction because our parents died in a car crash in 2006 when I was 10. Please comment like fan and favourite

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2. hanging with the boys

Hannah's POV

WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Perrie screamed in my ear. I'M UP!as i screamed back at her. Hannah get up we are going to the fair today so get ready said Perrie as she exited my room. Ok I said as I got out of my bed and walked right into my closet to find a outfit for the day

Harry's POV

Niall Louis Liam hurry up we are suppose to meet Zayn Perrie and Hannah at their house now I said but Louis won't give me back my hair products shouted Zayn and Zayn won't give me back my carrots screamed Louis. Louis your carrot princess is waiting for you so hurry up I said. Wait Wait did you just say carrot princess? Asked Louis yep I replied back all of a sudden I felt somebody pounce on my back and shouted come on people I want to go see my carrot princess so get your lazy butts over here! But then all the boys rushed into the room and asking is it Hannah Edwards I said yes and they all rushed into the car. When we got to Zayns house Hannah open the door and then I got weak in my knees . Nobody even the lads knew that I had a crush on Hannah for a very long time but I was to shy to ammite it.

Hannah's POV

When I opened the door i saw Harry and the lads I said hello and went upstairs nobody knew even Perrie that I had a crush on Harry ever scene I met him but my feeling for him was to hard to bear.

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