Perries Little Sister (ON HOLD SORRY!!!)

Hi i am Hannah Edwards. Yes I am Perrie Edwards younger sister. We live with one direction because our parents died in a car crash in 2006 when I was 10. Please comment like fan and favourite

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10. a conversation

Hannah's POV

omg I can't believe it!!! It s my dad... I tried to speak but no words came out... Cause I was still in a huge shock about what just happened! When I finally had found the word to speak the first words came out was dad I thought u were dead... And what happen to mom?

Josh's POV (Hannah's dad)

When I bumped into a girl on the streets and looked into her eyes I begain to retrieve my memory. When I saw Hannah I rememebered everything! I was so happy... But when she asked about the car crash I knew there was nothing to hide and that Hannah it old enough. I explained to hannah that during the crash I survived and that her mum didnt and that I lost all my memory but when I saw here that all my memeory came back....

Hannah's POV

I was so happy to see my dad but when he said that mum didn't survive I was pretty upset.

A/N sorry I haven't updated in a while! I have been caught up with homework!

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