Perries Little Sister (ON HOLD SORRY!!!)

Hi i am Hannah Edwards. Yes I am Perrie Edwards younger sister. We live with one direction because our parents died in a car crash in 2006 when I was 10. Please comment like fan and favourite

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4. 5 years later

Harry POV

Wow it's been two years already! Hannah and I are still really strong in our relationship even thought she gets a lot of hate! A lot has changed, Perrie and Zayn just hot married! Today is the day I am going to ask Hannah to be my wife and I am so excited but I hope she says yes!

Hannah's POV

As I was walking down the street I hear like somebody was following me!! I saw that it was a black van so I started to run! I hope I don't get kidnapped again. But just then somebody punched me down the last thing I saw was that I I was dragged into the black van just before I blacked out

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