The Wolves came to me

Christina Sanway, is an unique woman, but she does not know it. She is 13 turning 14 in a week, but her parents are anything but normal. Her parents disappear and all she has is a pendant and she is lost in the middle of the woods. Will she find her parents? Will she find out what secret they tried so desperately to hide from her? Will she be able to work the pendant's magic?


3. Wolves hunt me like prey

When the glass shattered I jumped up, I ran up the stairs to my room to pack me a quick back of things I would need. I emptied my princess bank, and got all 400 dollars out, that was when I heard the voices. 

"She is up the stairs. If we stay down here she will be an easy lunch," one said.

"We have orders not to kill her, but," there was a pause. "She doesn't smell like she is scared, she smells," there was another pause. "She smells like a wolf..." I shook my head. I went to my dresser to change into more suitable clothes for woods and hiking. I grabbed my tank top, jeans, and my sword. That was when I discovered something... I had inherited my mothers wings, except, an angel's wings are white... mine aren't... My wings are black.

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