The Wolves came to me

Christina Sanway, is an unique woman, but she does not know it. She is 13 turning 14 in a week, but her parents are anything but normal. Her parents disappear and all she has is a pendant and she is lost in the middle of the woods. Will she find her parents? Will she find out what secret they tried so desperately to hide from her? Will she be able to work the pendant's magic?


9. The Wolf

I am guessing that he could tell I was getting tired, cause he was patting my arm. When I looked at him, he pointed down, he wanted me to land. I started to descend and let me tell you, I need to work on my landing. But I made it when we crashed I was on bottom that way he wouldn't get hurt. I rolled over, and briefly closed my eyes, but opened them when I heard the sound of clothes ripping. There stood my wolf, guarding me, as I sleeped. My wolf would always guard me, I just hope that I can guard Mommy and Daddy.

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