The Wolves came to me

Christina Sanway, is an unique woman, but she does not know it. She is 13 turning 14 in a week, but her parents are anything but normal. Her parents disappear and all she has is a pendant and she is lost in the middle of the woods. Will she find her parents? Will she find out what secret they tried so desperately to hide from her? Will she be able to work the pendant's magic?


2. My Birthday

As I was walking home, I happened to walk passed a stray dog. At the time I thought I was going crazy, but now I don't think so much anymore; the dog, I swore talked to me, now it makes sense but then not so much. I was walking alone and it sniffed my pant leg, it looked at me. That was when I heard him, others he was just barking, but to me, I didn't hear barking, I heard a voice. 

"My lady, the pack in the south needs you. They are missing their alpha, but the alpha is from single family, he has been gone for a long time, but his scent is on you. Send him back, or he will be killed," than he left. What the fuck is going on? I continued to head home, I see a note on the table with a pendant. The note was enough to make me fall to the floor in tears. 


Dear Christina

                    We have a lot to tell you and not enough time. We was forced to go into hiding, your father is special. His people want him back, but I am different too, but I will tell you what I am. I am an Angel, Darling. Use this pendant and take your father's place among his people. Then and only then can we come out of hiding, we can't tell you any more than that. We are sorry to bring this upon you. 

                                                                         Good luck

                                                                                                      Olivia Sanway

                                                                    Timormorkim Sanway


That was when I heard the howling, and glass shattering.


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