Adopted by Louis and Harry?

She lived with her Mom, Dad, and sister, but her dad didn't always treat her right. To be honest, she hated her Dad. She had friends though. Maggie, Ciara, Sophia, and Jayde. They helped her through everything. Until they couldn't help her through her major life change. Getting adopted by Louis and Harry.


4. Well Who Did You Choose?!

Tori's POV

"Okay, girls, we are choosing.....Tori!!!" Simon said

"Oh.." I said sighing but then realized that Tori was me!

"Oh my god..Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are choosing me. THEY ARE CHOOSING ME!" I yelled, but then realized that I was sort of bragging because some girls had been in here longer than I had. A LOT longer than me.

"Well, what are you waiting for?! Go get packed up and we can leave!" Simon said.

"Oh yeah! Sorry!" I said and ran back to my room to get packed.

As I packed, I felt a little bad for the girls who didn't chosen. They have been here longer than me and it's just not fair.

I first packed my clothes, then my daily needs, and finally just the other little things I brought with me. Once I was finished, I walked into the lobby of the "adoption center" and waited to be taken to my new home.

Harrys POV

"Okay, Mr. Styles and Mr. Tomlinson, please sign her release papers and all of that and you free to take her to her new home.

"Okay!" Louis and I both said.

Well, Louis and I both have our 'own kid'. The reason we are adopting is because Simon wants us to take on some responsibility or should I say Louis needs to take on some.

"Okay! All finished, you may leave now or you may go and see some of the girls."

"Ok-" I was cut off by Simon.

"No, we have to leave now." Simon insisted.

"Okay then we have to leave." I said to the lady and Simon, but giving Simon a look and he knows what it means.

"I will go get Tori!" Louis said and ran to get Tori.

Tori's POV

"Hey, Tori! We can leave now!" Louis told me and I jumped up.

"Okay! So what should I call you? Should I just call you and Harry by your real names?"

"Yeah, you can think of us as your brothers!" He told me.

"Okay, Louis! Let's get going!" I told him with excitement.

"You guys ready?" Simon asked. We all nodded then walked out to the car and drove off.

Looks like the start of a new and a much better life I told myself.

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