A Friend Or More?

Just a girl named Tania and a boy named Harry. Tania and Harry were best friends, they knew eachother since birth - their mothers were next door to eachother in the hospital. They were like brother and sister. Tania was only a day younger than Harry but he'd still protect her with his life. But one day that all changed. Does she get Harry back?


8. CH 8

Harry's POV:

Don't get me wrong Tania's mum, Angela, is a great person, but she never lets Tania hang out with people she doesn't know and now she's checking her phone.

I know it's none of my business, I would die for Tania. I protect her with my life, but Iet her have her own space as well.

I sat there on my bed for a moment. I didn't have anything to do. I checked the time in my phone it was only a 4 hour wait until I could tell Tania the big news!

"I know she's gunna really pround, she's going to be happy that I going to be meeting other people who are like me!" I thought to myself.

I knew Tania was getting read but I still wanted to text her, instead I thought of calling her so she could get dolled up and talk to me on speaker. I was about to click call when I realized that Angel was probably going to come in or earsnoop on our conversation.

In the end, I decided to just go a shower. I wanted to to smell nice and fresh for Tania. A man can try as well as as a lady! I gathered all my toiletries ans head for the bathroom. I opened my door to find my older sister Gemma standing outside.

"Harry would you do me a favour, because your the best brother in the world and I love you" she said with her classic puppy dog eyes. They would usaually always work, but not this time.

I replied with "What do you want now Gem?"

"Could you please give me the keys for you car, mines at the garage getting new wheels and I promised Shannon and Jessica that I'd go to the cinema with them tonight" she answered still with the puppy dog eyes.

I was confused "your going to the movies at 4:00?" I questioned

"Obviously not! I'm bored so i wanna go out for a bit and then, I'm going to the movies at 7:00" she pointed out

"Sorry sis, first of the month. It's me and Tania's day, I'm taking her out at 8:00, why don't you ask mum for her car?" I answered

"She's gone shopping or something" she replied sighing

"Well sorry, but cars mine tonight" I said whilst squeezing past the unblocked side of the door way still carrying everything.

Gemma had now got her phone out and started calling the garage guy askin when her car would be ready.

I just carried on with my nice cold shower.

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