A Friend Or More?

Just a girl named Tania and a boy named Harry. Tania and Harry were best friends, they knew eachother since birth - their mothers were next door to eachother in the hospital. They were like brother and sister. Tania was only a day younger than Harry but he'd still protect her with his life. But one day that all changed. Does she get Harry back?


6. CH 6

Harry's POV:

It was already 2:30 and I knew that Tania was working one her oufit or whatever.

"I'm gunna give her the best surprise ever" I thought to myself smiling. I was just imagining her reaction to what I had in mind. She was going to love it

Still in thought, I was suddenly back to reality when my phone beeped. I was hoping it was Tania, but it wasn't. It was her friend Ashely saying

"Hey Harry, first of the month! What do you have up your sleeve this time? 😉"

I replied with

"Hi Ash, did T ask you to send this, and the truth!?"

It didn't take her long to reply with

"Well she didn't but I just really want to know, I mean come on, what if she doen't like it?"

"She"ll love it! I know she wil!" I replied

"Fine, whatever. Well I'll see you around"

"Bye Ash"

Our conversations are really wierd, they are always one of us asking for something form the other.

By now it was 3:00 and I was starving. There was no food in the house so I decided to pick up a pizza for me, Gemma and mum.

Authors note:

Hey guys! Hope you like it so far and spoiler, a big difference is happening on Tania and Harry's 'night out'

Tania x

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