A Friend Or More?

Just a girl named Tania and a boy named Harry. Tania and Harry were best friends, they knew eachother since birth - their mothers were next door to eachother in the hospital. They were like brother and sister. Tania was only a day younger than Harry but he'd still protect her with his life. But one day that all changed. Does she get Harry back?


21. CH 20

Tania's POV:

I couldn't believe what Harry told me! This was his chance! He's always wanted to sing!

It was about 10:30 when Harry and I packed up for what was the best night of my life. He walked me home and held my hand and I held his back. On the way home, I couldn't stop asking questions

"Who do you want to mentor you? Do you think you'll win? When's your audition" I questioned him all the home and he didn't answer just smiled at the ground. Then again I didn't really let him answer.

He dropped me off at my front door and I let go of his hand. His warm, soft hand.

"You had fun?" Harry asked finally looking up but still smiling

"How could I have not?" I questioned in my answer. This made him smile even bigger and made me smile at his smile.

There was a moment of silence when we just looked into eachothers eyes and smiled. My eart was rushing, almost like it was going to burst out. Harry's bright green eyes were just perfect! Staring into them were making my stomach rush. They were beautiful.

"Tania.." Harry finally spoke, "you remember the kiss?" He carried on and I nod as my answer. I had such a feeling he was going to say

"It was just a kiss, it didn't mean anything" if he did, he would have broke my heart. But, he didn't.

"I really enjoyed it" he said as he looked to te ground. My eyes widened.

"Not as much as me" I replied and Harry looked up and started smiling again. He was smiling alot that night

"Look Tania, I think I like you, alot" Harry then said

"I like you to, and not just as a friend" I said

We moved our heads closer again and our hands locked, just like before and then the magic happend. We kissed...again. It seemed better than the first.

We pulled apart from the fantasy and shly grinned at eachother. I bit my lip and looked down whilst Harry just did he signature smirk.

"Wanna hang out tomorrow?" Harry asked. I looked up and smiled...again

"Sure" I replied.

We hugged and said goodnight and then he left.

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