A Friend Or More?

Just a girl named Tania and a boy named Harry. Tania and Harry were best friends, they knew eachother since birth - their mothers were next door to eachother in the hospital. They were like brother and sister. Tania was only a day younger than Harry but he'd still protect her with his life. But one day that all changed. Does she get Harry back?


20. CH 19

Tania's POV:

What did he want to tell me? What if it was something bad? Didn't he enjoy the kiss?

"Um..ok what?" I just answerd

"You know that I really love singing and was really upset when White Eskimo broke up?" He said

"Yeah" I replied

"Well I've decided to follow my dream" Harry answred with a smile

"I'm auditioning for the X Factor!" He said with a big grin

"Really?! Good luck!" I said hugging him and he wrapped his warm hands around me.

Authors note:

So thats the big surprise! But Tania still has to worry about what Brandon said.

I'll update soon guys. Thanks for reading😘

Tania x (#Directioner✨)

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