A Friend Or More?

Just a girl named Tania and a boy named Harry. Tania and Harry were best friends, they knew eachother since birth - their mothers were next door to eachother in the hospital. They were like brother and sister. Tania was only a day younger than Harry but he'd still protect her with his life. But one day that all changed. Does she get Harry back?


11. CH 11

Harry's POV

What was she doing here? I thought she was at home doing whatever girls do before going out.

"Tania?" I spoke whilst taking some of the bags off her. "What are you doing here, shouldn't you be at home?"

"I could ask you the same question Harold" she started to reply whilst I smirked at her comment "I'm actually picking up some stuff my mum and you?"

The real reason I was there was becasue I was picking up some food for tonights surprise, but Tania couldn't know that. Instead I replied with "I was just doing the same, but for Gemma" she looked at me confused "her car's at the garage getting repaired" I said and she got the meaning.

Considering Tania had to get the bus, a type of transport she hated, I offered to give her a lift home.

"You sure? I have enough money for the bus..." I innterupted

"something you hate, come on you only live a few blocks from me" I persuaded

"Fine" she said and we both smiled at each other with pefect eye contact. I felt a slight tingle down my back at that moment. Her smile was just so... Perfect!

Still having our hands full with bags, we both walked back to my car. I put everything into the boot and Tania and I hopped in. Tania was in the passanger seat and me driving.

I put the keys in and started to drive while she turned up the radio. It was my one of my favourite songs, Tania's too; Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder

I knew all the words and so did Tania. I noticed that she was miming the lyrics, instead I started singing.

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